‘Dance Moms’ Star Abby Lee Miller: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Abby Lee Miller is the guest judge on tonight’s episode of Dancing With the Stars. Check out all the facts on Miller and why tonight may be a very rocky show.

1. Abby Lee Miller Is out for Revenge Against DWTS Dancers Derek Hough & Mark Ballas

Back in November, one of the mothers from the show Dance Moms was arrested for assault against teacher Abby Lee Miller. In the above clip, you can view the fight.

‘Dance Moms’ Cat Fight: Kelly Hyland Vs. Abby Lee Miller

Kelly Hyland from "Dance Moms" has apparently assaulted the show's star, teacher Abby Lee Miller. Read on for the details on the brawl as well as the arrest!

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4. Miller Has a Long Past of Judging Dancers

In addition to cracking the whip with her own dancers, Miller has been judging dancers for many years, so tonight’s gig as guest judge on Dancing With the Stars should be no problem for her. Miller talked about her previous judging jobs and how they will help with DWTS saying:

Before Dance Moms I judged dance competitions all over the country. Every weekend I was out judging. I come from a different perspective—one, as a teacher and a mentor I want to see my kids progress. I know these are adults but I want to see them progress to get better and to strive towards perfection.

5. Former DWTS Performer Louis van Amstel Has Also Insulted Miller in the Past

Not only Mark Ballas and Derek Hough had spoken out against Abby Lee Miller’s harsh teaching tactics. Former Dancing With the Stars dancer Louis van Amstel has also been vocal about Miller in the past. Wetpaint reported:

In 2011, Louis took to Twitter to bash the Lifetime show and its featured dance instructor. He argued that Dance Moms should be canceled, but added parents should watch the show just to make sure they “NEVER let [their] kids take lessons from a teacher like [Abby].”

While these comments may be in the past, Amstel has spoken out again via Twitter in light of Miller’s appearance on DWTS tonight saying that “she’s bad news.”

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