America’s Got Talent 2014: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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America’s favorite summer reality TV series is back. The ninth season of America’s Got Talent begins Tuesday, May 27, at 8 p.m. They’ve got the judges onboard, the governor of New York onboard, and obviously the rest of America onboard, as the show is ranked as the No. 1 summer reality TV series. Read on for news about this season, but beware of spoilers!

1. Heidi Will Lose Her Bra

Watch above for an act that uses “magic” to do the unthinkable, the incredible, and the very-much-wanted … remove Heidi Klum‘s bra!

2. Bootcamp Will Be LIVE at Radio City

Bootcamp determines which 48 acts will advance to performance shows, and this year, Bootcamp will be held in NYC in front of a live audience. When news that AGT was going to be live at Radio City Music Hall reached New York Governor Andre Cuomo, he commented (above) on how the show drew in tourists and created jobs the last time it came around.

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3. Heidi Klum Will Kiss a Pig

While on The Today Show, Klum talked about her experience shooting AGT:

It’s a little bit like Groundhog Day. We shoot for, like, four or five days. We always are in the same hair and makeup because it gets all cut together into one episode. You go a little bit loopy and you do crazy things.

Klum also spilled some other exciting details; namely, that Howie will take off his shirt onstage.

4. ‘AGT’ Is in ‘The Guinness Book of World Records’

Simon Cowell, simon cowell america's got talent


In April, The Guinness World Records named the show’s “Got Talent” format the most successful Reality TV Format worldwide. It airs in 58 territories and draws in more than 12 million viewers each season. The franchise started with former American Idol judge Simon Cowell, and according to the Hollywood Reporter has the highest number of adaptions in the world.

5. There’s a Golden Buzzer

Judge Howie Mandel, America's Got Talent Judge


The golden buzzer is going to be introduced this season. It allows judges to save an act that is about to get booted off — but the catch is that each judge can only use it once during the season.

As you know, there are four judges. In the case that the voting is a 50/50 split, the golden buzzer can be used to save a contestant, who will otherwise be kicked off.

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