Foot Fairy Enters the ‘Shark Tank’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Heavy interviewed Sylvie Shapiro, co-creator of Foot Fairy, an app that accurately measures children’s feet to make shoe buying easy and fun.

The idea for the venture came about when Shapiro’s friend (and now business partner), Nicole Brooks, was “scheming her next day’s task on how to coax her 4th child to be fitted for her first pair of shoes.”

Let’s learn more about the simple app that makes life easier for parents, and entered the Shark Tank on May 16.

1. A Podiatrist Is Half of the Company

DR. SYLVIE SHAPIRO, NICOLE BROOKS, FOOT FAIRY, kids shoe app shark tank, kids shoe app

(ABC/Adam Taylor)

Dr Sylvie, aka Dr. ShoeMom, is the Beverly Hills podiatrist behind the creation. She created the shoe measuring formula, which gives the company an air of credibilty.

She said:

As a podiatrist I understand the medical problems that can arise from a child wearing a shoe that is not the proper size. I also used my understanding of foot structure and gait when working with our engineers to create our touch scan technology.

In fact, this is the only children’s foot measuring App that is backed by a podiatrist and uses touch scan technology.

2. It Measures Kids’ Feet on an iPad

foot fairy, shoe app shark tank

ABC/Adam Taylor

On the show, the duo give a demonstration on how the app works. Download it here.

Shapiro explained it like this:

Simply place your child’s foot against the IPad and make sure to line up the heel with the line and that’s it! With our unique touch scan technology you will receive your child’s correct shoe size. You can then be directed to Zappos to the page with shoes in your child’s size.

3. Dr. ShoeMom Also Recommends Shoes for Kids

Shapiro also shares her foot knowledge on her website, drshoemom.com, where she recommends the best shoes for little ones.

In her spare time, she also founded Planet Flops™, which sells comfortable and eco-chic flip-flops for all ages.

4. It Connects to Zappos

Their app and website connects directly to Zappos when a customer clicks on “Get Shoes.”

The owners make 8% to 18% from the Zappos sales that were directed from Foot Fairy’ site.

“We have had a close relationship with Zappos since launching the app and they have been very supportive of our business and are excited for our Shark Tank appearance,” Shapiro said.

5. Their Kids Think It’s a Game


ABC/Adam Taylor

The great part about the program is that children are willing to be measured because they are having fun.

Shapiro explained, “My partner Nicole’s youngest daughter is four and she thinks it’s a game and loves to have her foot properly measured!”

The app also allows you to forward the sizes onto prospective buyers, like doting grandparents.

“The kids also enjoy forwarding their foot scan to grandma with a hint for new shoes!” Shapiro said.

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  1. The problem isn’t so much with “sizing” your kids feet (which will vary depending on if the child bares his/her weight or not) it’s how the shoes are sized! And for that reason…I’m out!

  2. Lordy these two were annoying – acting all zany and hyper is not going to get them far. not to mention I’ve never seen kids have issues being measured for shoes – the fault either lies with the parent not preparing them or the person in the store not being able to distract and engage them. I’m out! These two are also bad for marketing – the silly grins and girlie stuff would have them thrown out of most places i know