PHOTOS: ‘Little Women: LA’ Cast 2014

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  1. Ok this Christy “person” is such an a-hole…. And umm where are her 2 kids? So desperate to get herself hitched again to some poor smuck….bullied him into proposing to her and starting a family with him…so what ditch her other kids???? Yeah that’s nice. She’s quality alright.

  2. Why is Christy such a bossy bitch she’s extremely controlling and gets all pissy whiny when she can’t have her way!!! Poor Todd he needs to wake up I know he know what kind of person he’s going to marry, God help him,he’s to much of a nice person to even be with such a little witch who acts more like a BIG BITCH!!!

  3. Christy is an attention whore. Always gotta have the spotlight on her. Sit you fat ugly ass down bitch. It ain’t all about you. And btw where’s your kids at you bitch.

  4. Christy is an attention whore. Always gotta have the spotlight on her. It ain’t all about you. Sit your fat ugly ass down bitch. And btw where’s your kids at you mother of the year. She never mentions them at all.

  5. I cant stand Christy. I am hoping her husband to be will rise up and RUN. She has tricked him about the ring,,possibly pegnant, where are the kids?

  6. Wow you people on here are so boorish and nasty! I bet none of you would have the cojones to say to anyone’s faces the crap you farted out on here, but on the slim chance that you would say such derogatory remarks to anyone shows that you lack any socialization skills and you also , in all probability, have a huge mental defect!.

    With that written i want to write here that i really enjoy the show, I think the cast of women are beautiful, funny and entertaining, I hope the show goes on a long time, I love it!!!

    • I wouldn’t be in the same room for long with Christy or Tawyna. Christy can be sweet but for the most part is a back stabber to the women she calls friends. Tawyna is a bitch.. When she calls other women passive aggressive it’s mind blowing. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! Perhaps Tawyna has anger issues surrounding the fact she is a little person and takes it out on other little women, I don’t know. Only a psychiatrist could diagnose her. I do find it very sad the way they treat each other. I enjoy the show also, but cringe whenever one of these 2 are spotlighted as it is never enjoyable unless Tawyna is sucking up to her boyfriend de jour. I’m waiting for the other shoe to fall with her new boyfriend. This one might stick around for awhile since he can be on TV. Please don’t let my humble opinion stop you from insulting me or anybody who has the audacity to disagree with your viewpoint. Your use of the words crap, farted etc. in your sentences only shows your immaturity.

  7. Elena Gant is a pre surgical transvestite … I’m not joking.
    The Layers of makeup she wears – the fake hair- fake lashes and recent plastic surgery are all in preparation for her next phase in life – transitioning from a man to a women

  8. Christy is one ugly fat ass bitch. Can’t stand her. She does all this bad stuff and then claims everyone else is the bully! She needs to either shut the hell up or get off the show. Her asshole of a husband is even worse!

  9. I watched the first season till joe(terra) boyfriend was bowling talking to Elena about how little people should not inter breed….when he said that I never watched the show again…..then I see terra is expecting and they do do a show on her pregnancy…..so my question is how does Joe look at his daughter knowing he made that comment about inter breeding…I hate those words but I didn’t use them her dad did……

  10. Christy is terrible ! Constantly fat shaving her husband and is big herself. Then making everyone else’s pregnancy about herself, she is a total narcissus! She already has kids! Can’t she be happy for anybody?! Everytime someone gives some good news about themselves she makes it about herself. And Tonya might literally be the rudest person I’ve ever seen in my entire life. Giving people the cold shoulder? She complains about being bullied yet she is the biggest bully ever!

  11. I don’t like terra…..she is a big…big bully. She can’t seem to shut her mouth around anybody..always yelling her opinion..that’s what it is terra..you’re opinion. Do us all a favor and keep your big mouth shut. It would be a better show if you wasn’t on there. I don’t watch your ….terraz little family…..who the hell cares…Idont