WATCH: Solange Knowles Physically Attacks Jay-Z in Elevator

Beyonce’s sister Solange Knowles physically assaulted her sister’s husband in an elevator, hitting and punching the rap icon. Have a look at the insane footage above right here and check out the full elevator video below:

Jay-Z and wife Beyonce step into the elevator at the Standard Hotel in Manhattan at a Met Gala after-party, according to TMZ, and then Solange entered and began to attack Jay-Z. Solange throws punches and kicks at Jay-Z while Beyonce looks on. Fortunately, Jay-Z remained a gentleman and did not try to hit Solange back.

It’s unclear what started the fight, but after the fight, Jay-Z went in his own car, while the two sisters left together. Have a look at the footage below:

Some additional info that came out on Watch What Happens Live reveals that a couple days after the fight, Solange removed all photos of Beyonce from her Twitter feed except for one. Plus, it was revealed by Page Six that just before Solange’s brawl with Jay-Z, she had a drunken fight with designer Rachel Roy.

Beyoncé’s 27-year-old sister had become drunk and “belligerent,” sources told Page Six, adding that she was “like a pressure cooker waiting to explode.” “Solange had too much to drink and was out of it by the time the performances started after the dinner at the Met Ball — she was dancing like a crazy person,” a source said.

After news of the fight surveillance video broke, a representative of The Standard Hotel made a statement about the disappointment on the leak of the footage, posting the below tweet:

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