Ty Ash & Charita Smith ‘Extreme Weight Loss’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Extreme Weight Loss returns and, for the premiere episode, we follow two people on a journey to lose weight – Ty Ash and Charita Smith. Check out the facts on Ty and Charita.

1. Charita and Ty Will Be Going Head to Head

According to ABC, participants Charita and Ty will be taking on something new for the show.

This will be the first time in the show’s history that the participants go head-to-head, with only one in this episode making it to the final weigh-in.

2. Charita Suffers From Food Addiction

Charita Smith works two jobs to support her family of three children. The Gazette writes that:

She hopes the show’s health experts can teach her to address a food addiction and reduce her weight from 310 pounds, considered severely obese for her 5-foot-6 frame. We’re told Smith was raised in a strict, religious home and her dysfunctional relationship with food stems from a “bad decision” she made when she was 19.

The “bad decision” was an abortion that she kept from her family, knowing they would not approve. About a half hour into the episode, Charita opens up to her parents and tells them what she did.

3. Ty Wants to Lose Weight for a Professional Baseball Career

Ty weighs over 480 pounds and plays baseball. He must get his weight under 300 pounds in order to land a professional contract. The Wrap reports:

Ash joins a long tradition of baseball players, boxers, and especially football players who haven’t let obesity keep them from thriving. ABC says agents and coaches have told him that the only thing standing between him and a professional contract is his weight.

As for Ty’s childhood, his father was there for him, but he grew up with an alcoholic mother and still struggles with that.

4. One of These Two Participants Drops Out of the Program

To kick things off, “Charita and Ty spent the first 90 days at a full-immersion boot camp at Anschutz Health and Wellness Center in Aurora.” And, even after all the work the two contestants put into becoming healthy, one of them ends up dropping out and only one makes it to the ending weigh-in … In the end, it’s Charita that makes it and accomplishes her goal with cheers from the audience.

5. Charita Becomes a Zumba Instructor on the Show

Part of what drives Charita to want to lose weight is her desire to dance again. She told The Gazette:

I really enjoyed being able to dance as a cheerleader in high school. I look back on that as a great time in my life, and a lot of that had to do with cheerleading and dancing and being free.

On the show, Charita becomes a Zumba instructor.

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