Chris Soules Rumored to Be Next ‘Bachelor’ 2015

Chris Soules makes it to the final four on The Bachelorette this season, which makes him a great candidate to be the next Bachelor star. Blogger Reality Steve believes Soules is the top choice to be the next Bachelor, especially because contestant Marcus Grodd accepted a gig on new reality series Bachelor In Paradise.

Host Chris Harrison spoke fondly about Chris Soules to Parade:

I think people are going to very much fall in love with this guy. He’s a small-town farmer from Iowa, fourth-generation land baron. If you say he’s just a farmer, you’re missing it. He’s a millionaire. Very good-looking guy. He really wants to find a wife and live the American dream.

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  1. That’s great. My son and I were discussing it and my son is the one who feels Chris is the one who should be the next bachelor… 2015… he’s a gentleman. A hard worker.

  2. Hoping Chris Soules will be next bachelor if he is eliminated by Andi. Chris appears to be the real package. He is very good lucking, sincere and romantic not to mention hot……

  3. Yes, yes, yes! This way, every contestant will know that she’s living in Iowa on a farm – and he will be the BEST catch for someone who is okay with the rural, farm lifestyle.

  4. Chris is such a sweet, sincere gentleman. He would be the perfect bachelor. Those who sign up will have his Iowa life front and center.

  5. Omg! Chris is the dream guy for any moms daughter ! He’s hot, playful, successful, business minded, romantic, smart, family oriented, hot, sweet, compassionate, I better stop Hollywood material too! Will be the most watched over Juan Pablo .

  6. I can’t wait to see Chris I think he will be awesome ! There is one question I would like to ask the producers of the show , how come there has never been a black man or black woman to be the Bachelor or bachelorette ?