Daytime Emmy Awards 2014: Live Stream – How to Watch Online

The Daytime Emmy Awards will be completely live streamed this year, featuring both the red carpet and the awards show. You can view the live stream by clicking here or check out our live stream video above.

You can also check out the livestream on the Daytime Emmys site by clicking here.

Daytime Emmy Awards 2014: The Photos You Need to See

Check out some of the best photos from the 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards red carpet.

Click here to read more

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  1. As a mom of 81 yrs old and her 61 yr old daughter we were very disappointed in the show. My mom began watching the soaps when they first began and I remember them being on when I’d come home from school. The story lines were true to life, the raw emotions, depth of relationships, laughter and sadness, that’s what we watched for. I, as an only child, learned how to communicate in every day relationships by watching the soaps. Even though they were soaps and a little racy at times they were not dirty. Tonight as we watched the show we felt like we needed to literally wash our mouths out with soap. Kathy Griffin and Sharon Osborn were so vulgar. If this is the standard of conduct that we can expect in the future from the Daytime Emmys, we will not watch again. This show use to be about the stars and glamor of Daytime television, today it was like watching the MTV music awards without the music. So sad that another television program has lowered it’s standards to meet the new filth of this culture.

  2. The 4 girls who talked to the actors before the show KNEW nothing about the people or the shows for this telecast.They repeatedly said the word ” Amazing”..you look amazing.. I expected more from the first live stream than these “Girls” to at least know How to talk to these professionals because these Girls Are Not professionals..and one shared They just peed in their spanks are you serious??? Fire all of them. The show was awful ..looked like a high school production. If this is the future of :LIVE streaming it sucks.

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