‘Mistresses’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: Top 5 Spoilers

Dominic comes to see Savi in the office, while Toni’s downtown taking depositions. He wants to go public with their relationship. Savi seems hesitant but agrees to meet with human resources later that day.

The head of HR appreciates the couple’s initiative to meet with her so early in their relationship, before they have had any problems. During the meeting, Savi’s secretary, who’s ordering those Red Hot Chili Peppers tickets, interrupts to let Savi know her credit card expired. When Dom asks who the tickets are for, Savi lies and tells him they’re for Joss’ birthday. The secrets begin.

Dom and Savi enjoy their night with April, Daniel and Karen, even though the latter had to leave early. She tells him about what Karen goes through, and her cryptic description sounds much like what’s she’s going through these days. Naive Dom says he’s grateful that Savi’s been able to move past her traumatic experience and that they’re in a good place. Since they’re communicating, or at least he is, Dom tells Savi about Toni’s advances the week before. That’s why they went to HR. He doesn’t want any secrets between them. Too late for that, Dom.

Dom and Savi are watching TV and he asks about her day. She says it was uneventful (obviously it wasn’t).

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