Nick Viall, ‘Bachelorette’ Contestant: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Nicholas Viall, more commonly known as Nick V. on The Bachelorette, is one of the 25 men vying for Andi Dorfman’s heart on season 10 of The Bachelorette. Check out the facts on Nick V., but beware of some spoilers on the show.

1. Nick Viall Gets the First Impression Rose

Nick Viall sits down with Andi Dorfman on the first night and begins to talk about his family. Something about him makes Dorfman decide to give him the first impression rose. Reality Steve reports that Dorfman told the cameras:

If you’d have asked me at the beginning of the night who my first impression rose would’ve been, it would’ve been to someone I was straight up attracted to. But I had a great first impression of someone I would not typically go for.

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2. Viall Makes It to The Final Four

The final four contestants are Josh Murray, Marcus Grodd, Chris Soules and Nick Viall this season. Though Viall makes it far in the competition, he is not the one who ends up engaged to Bachelorette Andi Dorfman. When asked what kind of woman he’s looking for, Viall told ABC:

Someone who is truly confident in herself and expects a lot but gives as much. Someone who wants to bring out the best in me.

Do you think Andi Dorfman’s the woman he’s looking for?

3. He’s An Account Executive for Salesforce.com

Currently, Nick Viall makes a living as an account executive for a company called Salesforce.com. Prior to this, he worked in similar positions for DeRoyal and U.S. Cellular. Though he’s happy with his career, when asked if he could have any other job in the world, Viall stated:

It would be awesome to know how to sing and be some sort of performer; to feed off other’s people’s energy is intense. The feeling they must feel would be cool. Too bad I can’t sing.

4. Nick Viall’s Hometown Date Goes Well

When it’s down to the final four, Andi Dorfman flies to each guy’s hometown to meet their family and spend the day with them. Upon visiting Viall in Milwaukee, the two visit the Lakefront Brewery before going to his parents’ home in Waukesha. The date goes well and Viall gets a rose.

5. He Comes From a Family of 11 Children

Nick Viall, Nicholas Viall, Nick V Bachelorette, Nick Viall The Bachelorette, Nick Viall Photos, Nick Viall Pics, Nicholas Viall The Bachelorette


Viall is the second oldest of a family of 11 kids, which is actually what he talks about to Andi Dorfman before he receives the first impression rose on the premiere.

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  2. Way too egotistical ……does not play fair……because if he did……he would fall way short of the goal!!

        • I do feel bad for Nick. Yes, he had this arrogrant way about him but that usually originates from insecurity. Nick needs to learn that Andi wasn’t who he thought she was. He needs to realize that he fell in love with his own ideal, and the reality was that Andi was not very sincere, she did lead Nick on, and she’s not as sensitive and kind-hearted as he assumed she would be. He will get over this once he realizes her character flaws.

          • Thank you Jesus. You said it right. She lied and played him and made him think he was it. She used him and she is not honest, sincere and smart as we thought she was. She really surprised me and completely shockedm. She and Josh deserve each other and God bless them and to each their own and she does not deserve Nick at all. I would take him in a heart beat and would not change anything about him at all. I don’t think he was insecure and egotistical at all. He was just merely confident in what they had and what she assured him of. He believed in her and their relationship and thought that he had found the one and that she wanted the same thing. He was totally blind sided and once again God bless her because she was not honest at all and did him wrong and used his words against him and did not have no valid reason at all and just lied. I thought she was full of substance and values and wanted that as well. He was the best and total package and any woman would be extremely blessed to have him and his family. I love his little sister and his mom, his whole family were the best. Nick was my fav and number one and then Chris and Eric, may God rest his soul and bless his family. He was good and full of values and substance as well and geniune. Nick this too shall pass and yours is coming and you would be blessed abundantly and remember that God has great plans and future for you because you are pure, honest and your heart is sincere and true. Remember Jeremiah 29-11-14 and Proverbs 3-5-6 and listen to some praise worship music from hillsong or hillsong united and listen to Joel Osteen and you will feel better because Andi is just not for you nor meant to be, but that is ok and it is not something that you did or did not do because you did marvelously and like a perfect gentleman and you were your true perfect substance intelligent man. So please don’t waste anymore of your valuable time or energy trying to figure out why or when or what or the main reason, sometimes it is just not, no reason and just not enough. What we might desperately want is not what God intends for us so please let it be and let it go and please let God in to lead you to the right person and his way always works and the best. Andi gave you a perfect reason and way for you to get over it and showed you her true colors at the after the rose with her demeanor, extremely cold actions and her nonchalant ways like you meant nothing to hear and that it was all one sided, just yours and all that you guys shared, did and said was all a lie, that is her true colors, you don’t need that nor deserve especially considering all that you have been through before and you were honest with her as well. So please do yourself a favor and forget that she ever existed, easier said than done and all lessons learned ok. God bless you and your family exceedingly and abundantly and in all you guys do will always prosper and be victorious.

  3. So happy Nick is over this horrible person….why did she sleep with him if she says she didn’t love him…..knowing how much he cared…..shallow and cold hearted….let Josh have her….both deserve each other.. Nick looks like Michael Buble my Idol…..both of them are Virgos….sensitive, loving, giving, kind ! Go watch Bubles a Beautifufl Day video ….perfect for You Nick and watch Bubles interviews….then you will understand him…..Nick is adorable !!! it’s a beautiful day !!!!

  4. Nick, now go find a real beautiful woman who loves you and doesn’t lie…..what goes around, comes around and cold hearted Andi will get what she truly deserves ! Watch, that relationship is all about fame and money….can’t stand people like her…..it will backfire…..just wait and see…..Nick you are a wonderful guy with a great heart…..never forget that ! Michael Buble went thru exactly what u did and look at his wife !! She’s totally on love with him, not fame……yours will come when The Lord wants it to happen for you…in the meantime, keep your chin up….also, be sure to watch Michael Bubles ..It’s a Beautiful Day Video on Utube….Perfect way to help u feel great !!!! love you !!!! 😘

    • Excellent advise Lydia and I was not aware of Michael Buble story. I guess it can happen to anyone no matter who you are. I guess, Eric, the explorer who passed, God rest his soul definitely saw through her from the start and called her on it which she did not like. This was actually good for you and will definitely work out for you in the end. It was meant for your good and you deserve the best due to your heart, integrity and values.

      • If you ever get the chance, go see him in concert…..omg he’s amazing. 😳. I really wonder if Nick will read these….it would help him get over her….she is such trash….surprised he never realized it…love is blind….my son Dan also looks like the two of them and guess what ? He’s a Virgo too!!!! Nick and Michael are so very much like my son… Same thing, give the girl your heart and get royally screwed…good news, I’m teaching him how to try to avoid it……he’s so much happier now…..you would love him too…..georgeous boy….I want you to go on utube and pull up Michael Buble interviews….you’ll find it…then watch It’s a beautiful day…funny ! My son could so relate ! Hope to talk again…what’s your name so I know who it is…take care, Lydia

        • Thanks Lydia and my name is Lisa. I just watch the interview and the video. I have seen the video before and I like it and have two of his cd’s and I also like Josh Groban. I am going to see Kenny G next month and very excited. I never respond to anything before, but I felt like I had to say something in his defense. There were too many negativities on the web and media about Nick and it was just not fair. He deserves much better and really got a really bad deal. I have been hurt before, lied to and misled and I definitely know the feelings and heartbreak and exactly what he is going through and his heart. He is a great man and any sensible, woman of virtue and quality would be tremendously blessed to have a man like him. So her loss and his gain because it is just not for him. His blessings is coming on God’s timing and all a means to an end. I don’t think that Nick would read it, but he does have a twitter account online that I believe he post daily and routinely but I am not into those things or facebook. This is enough. I tend to be very private and also due to my work. God bless you on your son, you seem like a wonderful mom and he is blessed to have you as his mom. I did post something on his hometown newspaper site, because most people were being negative and bashing so I created an account to defend him. He does not deserve that. Some people are very negative and cruel and just don’t have a life and always have to have an opinion or something negative to say. Here is the site below.


          • Dear sweet Lisa, you are so sweet…..wish u were here to give u a big hug……I to, have been upset with all this hype, but I know in my heart Nick will get over this in time. Time heals all wounds, he’s no different from anyone else who has loved and lost…..He will find his true love like Michael did…..his wife is a tru beauty…..did you see her yet? Omg. Gorgeous lady and his new son is so cute, pull him up also….a mini Michael as a blond 😀. Thanks for the website !

              • Thank you very much Ms. Lydia. I am looking forward to it because I love Kenny G, enigma, classical, instrumentals, cello, piano and guitar music. I basically like all music instruments. I also like 80’s rock and roll, trance, techno, house music, new age, Celtic music, inspirational and praise worship music. One of my favorite 80’s group Def Leopard is playing with Kiss in my area. I would love to go but I don’t think that I would like that kind of crowd.
                Heart, Yanni, Yo Yo Ma are also playing in my area but the tickets are sold out. I also love White snake, Berlin, Journey, Foreigner and so many other 80’s band. I would love to go see the Book of Mormon in New York City and also go to the Opera. I will like to this year but my friends don’t really like what I like. I am very excited to go see my favorite Christian groups Hillsong United next month. I am really looking forward to them. I own all of their cd and I also watch their senior pastor Brian Houston on TV from their church in Australia. They are based in Australia but have churches and Christian groups all over the world like Great Britain. I just love all their songs. It just sooths my soul and purely amazing praise worship songs.
                You should google Hillsong version of it is with my soul or I surrender all, anchor, glorious ruin, the lost are found, forever reign, with everything, beautiful exchange, rhythms of grace, you, it’s your love, I will exalt you, Yahweh, you hold me now, you never fail, God who saves, to be like you and so on so forth. They have many great songs. I also love Jesus Culture, Matt Redman, Matt Maher, Chris Tomlin, Bethel Music, new life worship, third day and all of the songs for worship cds. My favorite preachers are Joel Osteen, Dr. Charles Stanley from in touch ministries and Dr. David Jeremiah from Turning point ministries. I hope you like the Hillsong music. When you have a chance, please check some out and let me know. It was great chatting with you. Have a blessed night and contact anytime.

            • Hello Ms. Lydia,
              My sincere apologies for responding late, I was working. Thank you so much for your kind words. It warms my heart. I would love nothing but to give you a very nice sincere genuine big hug. We all need that from time to time. I detest negative people and negative comments especially unfair and unjust. If people don’t have anything positive to say please don’t say anything and especially if you don’t have your facts straight.
              I absolutely agree with you that Nick will definitely get over Andi, hopefully very soon so that he does not waste anymore of his precious time and brain cells on her. I don’t think that he would have any problems achieving that, considering how badly she treated him at the last show with her callous, ruthless, heartless and insensitive behavior toward him. You are absolutely right, time does heel all wounds and patience is a virtue as well and in due time this too will pass and he would know that this was for the best and that God does everything for a reason and as Roman 8:28 states that all things work together for good for those who love the Lord according to God’s will and purpose as stated in Jeremiah 29-11-14, one of my favorite scriptures.
              Yes Nick will find his true love for sure on God’s appointed time. Yes Michael’s wife is gorgeous and kind hearted and so is he, both have great values from what I saw and heard. Thank you for this conversation and for sticking up for Nick. He is lucky to have an honest fan like you. Have a blessed day always. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.