Amelia Warner, Jamie Dornan’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

amelia warner, jamie dornan wife


Now that the trailer for Fifty Shades of Grey was released, it’s safe to say that Jamie Dornan will become the new obsession of women worldwide.

To the chagrin of fans, the Irish actor is taken.

He wed actress-turned-musician Amelia Warner in April 2013.

As we await the release of the film on Valentine’s Day, let’s learn more about the woman who stole the actor’s heart.

1. She Started Acting at 17

She is an only child of divorced parents.

Her father is Welsh actor and writer Alun Lewis. Her mother is Annette Ekblom who had roles on TV and in a musical.

Ekblom’s twitter handle, @annetteekblom, features this description:

Actress, mother of Millie, international peace keeper, billionaire, nobel prize winner, occasional fantasist

She even posted this picture of her son-in-law:

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1 comment

  1. You might want to fact check/ proofread your own article. She was married to Colin Farrell (As in the photo) NOT Colin Firth.