‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler: Andi Dorfman Had Sex With Nick Viall

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On The Bachelorette: After The Final Rose special, Nick Viall asks Andi Dorfman how she could have made love to him if she wasn’t in love with him, revealing that the two had sex.

Andi Dorfman becomes angry and says that it was below the belt to reveal that and that information should have been kept private.

We wonder if Josh Murray will have anything to say about that … There are also theories about Nick’s behavior. Some fans believe Nick is being genuine and others believe it was an act to set up Andi and reveal the secret of their having slept together. What do you think?

As for what Josh Murray had to say, he was not happy … Read about it in the below link:

‘Bachelorette’ Winner Josh Murray Slams Nick Viall for ‘Classless’ Sex Comment

Josh Murray speaks out about Nick Viall's "classless" reveal about his fiancee Andi Dorfman.

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  1. I think Andi is heartless. She knows how much Nick loved her and she wouldn’t give him the courtesy to talk to him privately. Then she stated she never loved him…now who is being the actress. Very disappointed in the person she turned out to be. She owes a Nick an apology.

    • I agree. Born on the 4th of July and always a patriot I am embarrassed to be an American today. Andi Dorfman is no Princess Diana or Kate Middleton. CHILLING how she shut him out….CHILLING. Love making (IMO) is sacred. Sex is another story….casual sex as in friends with benefits. Andi and Nick clearly had a deep and intimate connection which frankly I di not see w/Josh. A soulmate relationship requires a

      • A soulmate relationship requires a Soul which Ms. Dorfman does not have. The good that came out of this is that we can teach our daughters. Andi Dorfman is the polar opposite of what any decent human being would want their daughter to emulate. And she is a prosecutor??? OMG. She is COLD. She exploited and led on a man who is genuinely in love with her.She has neither empathy or conscience. And that my friends is the definition of a sociopath A sociopath is a mentally ill person. Nick is truly blessed here. I wish him well I want for him a love with a good woman of class, empathy and dignity.

      • Why would you be embarrassed to be an American? You should NEVER feel that way. This WH administration is embarrassing, but O doesn’t speak for true patriots who believe in and respect the Constitution.

    • My friend Lyn said “It is simple. Andi was paid to be the bachelorette. She slept with a man who was in love with her and she knew it. When you get paid to sleep with someone you are a prostitute. Period.

      • I think a lot of assumptions are being made. People have sex who aren’t in love. His pride was hurt, but that doesn’t prove Nick was in love. He may or may not be. And she wasn’t paid to do the show….unless everyone else was, & I doubt that or we would have heard about it before. She’s not a prostitute. That’s ridiculous.

  2. I wonder how much Nick was paid to humiliate Andi and reveal himself as a low class loser on national TV? How true was his “love” if he would do that. Nick as the next bachelor? NO WAY!

    • Free Country! Capitalistic Market! Hope Nick made the best deal for himself and that he invests wisely. Not invested wisely, Nick will be the butt of jokes for the remainder of his life. Invested wisely, Nick will have glorious memories of what every red blooded american boy wants to have, and Andi will be the butt of the jokes.

      • It will take Nick time but he will move on and I am pretty sure future contestants will execise caution before giving it all in the fantasy suite.

  3. Nick tried to contact her and have a face to face privately. She was the one in control and definitely lead him on by the way she acted. He is right why have sex? Talk about a bruise to your ego…sure he wonders if she went with who she felt was better in bed. This no doubt is why she was afraid to have face to face…now I am sure she regrets not having it sooner and off camera. She was heartless when she broke up with him…she seemed like she did not really care about his feelings and gave him no real answer closure. She had a bitchy attitude on after rose face to face so it serves her right that he revealed the truth. It can’t be easy to admit to the world you had sex and then dumped he is a guy but human. Most men will hide that but he obviously had strong feelings for her and once sex involved rejection is much more damaging to ego. I don’t think he was going below the belt… she lead him on, fucked him and still can’t be nice or sensitive to fact she hurt him. Why couldn’t she just be more considerate and genuine…he hesitated I don’t think he planned to reveal it. After her not giving him any real answer or genuine thoughtful emotion I think he said that to try and still get some closure from her. She is selfish, poor Josh hope he can see her true self. If she had sex with her boyfriend months before falling in love with him then no big deal. She had sex probably same time she had sex with Josh and then few days later got engaged. That is not real love. If she was really in love with Josh is that possible? Seems like if she was in love with josh she still wanted her one last fling so she took it that far thinking of only herself. She probably thought Josh would never find out. That is low she ended up hurting two people and i am glad she was exposed. Don’t see Josh and her making it down the isle. No worries nick now you will have closure because you see her for what she is…what comes around goes around and you deserve better!

    • I think you are right of evry your word She is a bitchy classless woman, so sorry for Josh as a long run with that woman.

  4. I was not team Nick, but then again, I wasn’t team Josh either. I found Andi to be very contradictory in many of her statements. For instance, after almost every episode, she stated that she had physical chemistry with Josh, but had doubts and that perhaps it could be too good to be true, yet about Nick she stated that she had passion and chemistry with him and that he made her feel like a woman and he stimulated her intellectually as well. Call me crazy, but that sounds like a more well-rounded relationship to me than just physical attraction. I think she led Nick on and I could not believe how cold she was to him when she told him they were over. I believe that she was trying to avoid the discussion from going in the direction of what took place in the fantasy suite, so she needed to be cold and aloof; she didn’t want to open the “Pandora’s Box” which would be the “fantasy suite.” After all, that is a huge event in this courtship and therefore a totally relevant and pertinent event for Nick to bring up; esp. as this show is about finding a life mate. I mean, with Chris she was far more emotional about ending it than with Nick who made it to the finals. Andi seemed like she was trying to control the depth and extent of how far the conversation would go. Hence, the cold and abrupt statement from Andi that she needed to leave when he was asking questions. I think Nick was genuinely confused and needed closure and she refused to answer his questions. No wonder he felt betrayed. Not to mention the fact that Andi told Josh in the ceremony and engagement that she loved him from the start and then told Nick in the After the RC she was never in love with him but yet made love to him in the fantasy suite. I don’t blame Nick for bringing that up at all as it was relevant to their courtship and how she chose to end it. I only wish that he held her more accountable at the After the RC, but he wasn’t able to express himself in a calm, assertive manner. Never the less, he said enough that I’m sure gave a better picture.

  5. Nick is a pathetic loser. He just came on show for revenge. I’m 74 yrs old and have watched all The Batchelorettes. Nothing was different this one except a strong women dumped the baby boy. You go girl.

  6. If anyone is a loser, it’s Andi. Her reputation was shattered because of her choices. I think Nick was telling the truth out of hurt and pain. Why would she have sex with Nick if she didn’t love him? Sleezy!! Probably why the franchise will censor the live shows going forward. If Nick wasn’t in a contract to not tell certain things, then “All is Fair in Love & War”. Sorry Andi!

    • Deborah, are you saying that people don’t have sex unless they’re in love? hmmm . Anyone who has sex without love is sleezy.

  7. I wasn’t a fan of Nick’s through out the season, but no one deserves to be treated the way he was by Andi. I think he had a right to ask her why she made love to him if she didn’t love him. That was a legitimate question. Andi responded saying that she never used the words “I love you”, but was she allowed to say those words to any of the guys? I think not. The show also showed the scene the night before there breakup when Nick shows he’s worried about if they’ll be able to stay together, and Andi reassures Nick saying, “It’ll be ok, It’ll be ok.” Why did she keep reassuring Nick right up until the breakup? Nick wan’t treated fairly by Andi…I am no longer one of her fans.