Total Ariana Live: Grande’s ‘Break Free’ Premiere & VMA Surprise

Ariana Grande brings back Total Request Live (TRL) for one night only on MTV to debut her new song “Break Free” and to make a big surprise announcement. Total Ariana Live started at 7:00 p.m. EST and we have all the info live right here, plus the premiere of “Break Free.”

Grande came out very nervous and made the announcement that she will be performing at the VMAs this summer. Grande is the first performer announced so far. Plus, she talked about her upcoming performance of “Break Free,” which she was very excited about since it’s a fun, upbeat dance song.

When asked about her new album, Grande said she was inspired by life and “everything she’s gone through.”

Before her “Problems” performance and debut of “Break Free,” Grande busted out some ASAP Rocky. Check out the link to her f-bomb filled solo below:

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