‘The Bachelorette’: Twitter Reactions to Andi Dorfman Sleeping With Nick Viall

After Nick Viall revealed that he and Andi Dorfman had sex, Twitter went crazy. Check out the biggest reactions from viewers.

‘Bachelorette’ Spoiler: Andi Dorfman Had Sex With Nick Viall

Nick Viall gave a little too much away after the finale tonight when he revealed that Andi Dorfman and he had sex ...

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  1. Shame on ABC for letting a loser bachelor throw mud on their lovely human bachelorette. That was abusive. Please forgive Andi, Josh!

    • She chose to make a public pursuit and relationship. It was not classless. If she’d seen him privately, it probably wouldn’t have come out. But she was gutless in that respect.

  2. Is it not implied that’s that the Fantasy Suites are for? I don’t see why she was so shocked he said that. His whole appearance on the After the Rose Show made him look pitiful but I don’t think any of his comments were out of line. What right does she have to be mad after choosing to have a personal situation like finding a life time partner be a prime time television show? She comes across so fake the whole time.

  3. I am GLAD that Nick called Andi out – because he was coming across as this desperate love sick man, when she was sending out wrong signals – makes more sense now why he was having hard time letting go – sleeping with a man that you know you are not going to pick is classless and just plain cruel – clearly she is a woman who is used to getting her way and could care less who she crushes along the way – lost ALL respect for her….Nick, every closed door is an opportunity for a SUNSHINE filled window to open – try and put this behind you as a better woman awaits you.

    • I agree 100%. A woman doesn’t sleep with a man knowing that she’s not going to pick him and that thing that she said at the end, ” Oh I didn’t know until I woke up this morning and I could feel that something was wrong” That’s BS. If she didn’t know who she wanted until that very morning then I feel sorry for Josh. You just don’t wake up one morning after having all these supposedley perfect dates and telling the world “there’s just something special there with Nick, there always has been since the 1st moment he stepped out of the car ” etc..etc… PLEASE!!! Give me a break. Andi is fake I never liked her from the beginning and she had the nerve to judge Juan Pablo and she goes around and does the same thing!!!

    • She had every chance to do the right thing by meeting with him privately. Every person deserves the respect of closure and to be treated with kindness when you have been intimate with them and talked of a possible future. I think Andi is cold to the bone and Josh has his bad day coming.

  4. Andi is the worst bachelorette. She put Juan Pablo down and look at her, nothing but a slut. why sleep with someone your not going to choose. She has no respect for herself. Don’t have respect for her anymore!!

  5. Glad he called her out! I don’t care if it was on national TV. Who sleeps with another guy if you already KNOW the one for you (which she said she knew it was Josh)? I really like how she stuck up for herself with Juan Pablo and called him out for his classless behavior – I guess she didn’t like it when Nick did the same to her. A taste of her own medicine perhaps? Anyways – I lost respect for her because only a tramp would sleep with another guy when they have their heart set on someone else (Josh). And if Josh is okay with her sleeping with other guys when she is in love with him – they will have a very interesting relationship and are perfect for each other. I, on the other hand, like Nick, would not be okay with it. I guess Andi did find her perfect match and the show does work after all.

  6. Nick may be an awkward fella, but he was simply more real than the rest of them (not saying much).

    Andi, on the other hand, is flat-out dull and boring and never uttered a single word the whole show that distinguished her as having a shred of wit or insight. She’s a professional opportunity seeker nothing more. The polygraph test should have told everyone that.

    Yeah, she’s slutty. That’s not the surprise. The surprise is she expects the guy not to out her on national TV when she ducked him until that moment. What a dummy.

    I see a Farmer warming up in the batter’s box. That should be fun. Yee haw!

  7. Nick, Just be lucky you are not with her dude! I can read people really well. She is the type of women that is selfish and wants things her way. I picked that up with Juan Publo. He attitude is “stank.” In six months you will be totally over her, and she is going to run all over Josh. The only reason she picked Josh is because he lives in GA and it would be more convenient for her. Plus her new to be brother in law is an NFL football player, and she is going to be a gold digger. Trust me, you want no parts of her. Her and Josh will not last. Josh is cool, but she is going to be wearing the pants in that short relationship, and when she does not get her way, she will pull a Juan Pablo. If she banged you on her date, who else did she bang….that dirty lil girl

  8. Really? When you sleep with 2 different guys,on 2 different nights so close together,either you are getting paid for it, or you just have don’t have morals or class. Sure hope her bosses paid her enough for it.

  9. Josh, Take a moment and really consider the kind of woman you are planning to marry. If she really “loved you since first site” what the heck was she doing sleeping with another man?! She claimed to never have loved Nick, so I ask again, what the heck was she doing sleeping with him?! Any self control Andi? You knew you didn’t love him, and slept with him anyway? So you were what, using him? And knowing that he was so in love with you…It really didn’t occur to you how much you were leading him on? So Josh, how do you think her self control will be after you’re married? Hmmm. Not a chance I would take.