Blake & Kendra, ‘Catfish’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On tonight’s new episode of Catfish, we meet a guy named Blake who is seeking out his online love Kendra … or is it Kiersten? … or Sara? To get ready for tomorrow’s premiere, MTV has an all-new extra episode tonight and we’ve got all the info on what went down right here.

1. There Are Multiple Names Linked to “Kendra”

When Blake does some digging on the “model” named “Kiersten,” who he’s been talking to on Twitter, he finds out her name may actually be Kendra. And, with the help of Nev and Max, they find many pages linked to “Kendra.” Is it Kiersten Taylor, Sara Grace, or Kendra Shay? The photos that Kendra first claims are real belong to a girl named Sara Grace. Then, she claims that her true photos are those of a brunette rather than the blonde photos Blake is used to. When Nev and Max try to locate “Kendra’s” photos online, they are unsuccessful.

2. Sara Grace Brings Another Name to the Table

When Nev and Max hunt down Sara Grace, who is the blonde girl in the photos, she reveals that Kendra, aka Kiersten, befriended her on Facebook. Then Sara revealed that she found out Kendra was manipulating a lot of people with her photos. In a video chat, Sara begins to cry as she talks about the whole ordeal.

After talking to Sara Grace, the guys find out that the brunette’s photos are Sarah Ordo, not “Kendra Shay.”

3. Blake Has Caught “Kendra” in Lies

Blake finds out that “Kendra” is not who she claims to be, especially in her photos. As “Kiersten,” she said that she dated a lot of famous people like Michael Phelps and David Hasselhoff is supposedly her godfather. Of course, these aren’t true.

4. Whenever They Try to Meet, “Kendra” Comes Up With Last Minute Excuses

One of the times that Blake tried to meet “Kendra,” she springs it on him that she has a son named Greyson. When Nev speaks with “Kendra,” she says that Blake has been very supportive of her while her son has been sick, but she’s still hesitant to meet. “Kendra” then agrees to meet them all in Idaho.

5. “Kendra” Is Not Who Blake Thinks She Is

When Blake learns that “Kendra” is a serious catfish, he still holds out a little bit of hope, though he feels very spooked. Blake, Nev, and Max travel to Idaho and agree to meet up with “Kendra” at a park. When she pulls up, she is much different than her photos. She’s a pretty girl, but much larger than the girls she portrayed online. Blake is clearly thrown off.

Kendra begins to tell Blake a bit about herself and then reveals that there is actually a group of girls who is doing what she did to Blake online. These girls actually have fun catfishing guys and Kendra reveals that Sara Grace was actually one of the girls. Blake says he thinks Kendra is still lying and doesn’t know Sara Grace at all. Kendra begins to cry and tries to turn things around, getting angry and leaving.

When they meet up with Kendra the next day, she admits to lying, but Kendra yells at Max who doesn’t fully believe her story. Max gets angry and he leaves the room. After their confrontation, Blake and Kendra argue outside and Kendra seems to regret coming clean. In the end, Blake hugs Kendra goodbye and finally says that she’s actually glad she came to meet Blake.

A month later, Blake reveals that he hasn’t talked to Kendra at all, but has been in touch with Sara Grace. Apparently Sara and Blake have become friends. Kendra says that she has no interest in talking to Blake at all and says she’s stopped with the fake profiles.

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  1. She has serious issues: delusional psychosis, anti-social personality disorder, borderline personality, munchinson by-proxy syndrome.

    I seriously doubt that this woman even has a “sick child”. She is dangerous and will eventually implode in her own lies. Many of her issues stem from being morbidly obese and her idiopathic body dysmorphia disorder. (She doesn’t see a morbidly obese woman when lookin in the mirror…she sees ” Kendra” “Kiersten” and “Sara Grace”. She needs serious therapy and medication to control her delusional behavior. I would put her on Haldol or Abilify.

    • I agree! I am a mother. You couldn’t pay me enough to leave my child in the hospital to go “talk” to someone. I think she may have Munchausen Syndrome.
      It’s sad. I hope someone recognizes her & gets her help!

  2. Omg that girl whatever is her name I liar she need to grow up… what she did ti blake was so mess up nomatter what was her excuse he look like a very nice person. Oh I would loks to know if blake is atill single cause he is so cute

  3. Omg that girl whatever is her name, is liar she need to grow up… what she did to blake was so mess up nomatter what was her excuse he look like a very nice person. Oh I would like to know if blake is still single cause he is so cute and nice.

    • known fact when someone looks up to the right with their eyes while talking to you, they are accessing part of their brain that is trying to deceive you, and that is all she does, she is a scary lying wackadoo

  4. Just watch the Kendra one and goodness that girl believes her own lies. Dummy going to get on Max as if he’s making her tell her dumb lies. Even though it was a dang another fat girl hiding behind pretty girl photos it wouldn’t of been so bad if she’d of fessed up to her lie after lie after lie. I love the I lied yesterday get with the program lmbo. I love how he ended up keeping in contact with the real Barbie Sarah grace girl. She deserves his time Kendra needs serious help for her fake child problems. It’s scary when they believe their own lies or think others might fall for it, you aren’t that slick just cray cray!!

  5. Oh I forgot her wonderful job she made up too can’t forget that one ;) you wouldn’t have a single bit to do with anything with the word sport in it, sorry bout your luck :)

  6. I would like to say a few things. I’m originally from Florida, but lived in Idaho for 3 years to attend school for Pharmacy. When Nev called “Kendra” and she said they needed to fly to idaho, I literally rolled my eyes and said out loud “these dudes are about to walk into some bullshit” and I was completely right. What they encountered is exactly what I encountered my 3 years in that state. Now, there’s fucked up people everywhere you go. It’s a fact of life. What makes idaho so different is, most people in most places have been taught some level of respect for others. Respect is non existent in that damn state. I wasn’t surprised with how she acted. She got defensive when they bought up her lies. She simply said “people make mistakes”. She tried to place blame on the girl’s pics she took. That whole group of girls that had fake profiles in case they meet a guy is a damn lie. Those two girls she took pics from don’t need to lie. And notice how she deflected? A classic move that always happens up there. She’s mad because she is there being held accountable for her actions instead of being with her sick son who just so happens to be sick when they show up to see what’s really real. And at the end of the show, she spoke about not talking to him anymore like he did something wrong to her. I’ve been there on that end of the stick as well. A guy I dated in Idaho cheated on me with the daycare provider of his children and this woman had the nerve to say she hated me like I did something wrong to her. She was sleeping with my boyfriend and lied to me about it, but she hated me like I did something. Word of advice: if your online dating and you chat with someone saying they are from idaho, stop the chat and block them from contacting you. What this good man experienced and what I experienced, you will too. Save yourself the headache.

    • Couldnt agree more (Coming from a kid currently living in idaho, moving soon though). Idaho i wack as fuck

  7. Is Blake single still or not into anyone serious? I live in Houston and I would love meet him if he ever comes back!

  8. Funny how people are on here bashing Idaho… I’ve lived in 4 different states & I’ve always thought the people in Idaho to be the most friendly & kind. I’ve enjoyed all the states I’ve lived. I just think everywhere you go, you follow! Maybe there is something wrong with you if you have a hard time in Idaho

    • I was born and raised in Philadelphia and moved to Florida in my teen years. I moved to idaho when I was 25. I abruptly left idaho 3 years later. Coming from a person who was raised and lived in two huge metropolitan areas, the shit I dealt with in idaho I never had to deal with in my 25 years back east. I was like you when I first moved to boise. I thought everyone was so nice and kind, different from the dog eat dog environment I was used to living in. But I quickly realized that the same person I thought was nice was also putting knives In people’s back. The guy I dated out of the blue broke up with me and the next day had a different girl. To make it worse, he told people that I owed HIM $2500 and to add more insult to injury, his mother also said I owed her 4 months worth of rent. Wanna know the kicker? He didn’t work at all the time I was with him and I never lived with him or his mother. But somehow, I owed him money and his mother back rent. On top of that, I never lived in a place where so many women lost custody of their children. Almost every female I met, somehow lost custody of their kids to the father. My ex was one of the men I knew that had sole custody of his kids. You better watch yourself around idaho people. Respect is an unknown dynamic in that state. And nobody has the ability to hold themselves accountable for their actions, and wanna blame other people for the fucked up shit they do to others, which clearly was the case in this episode of Catfish. That girl manipulated her way into 2 different females and Blake’s life, lied her ass off, I guarantee she doesn’t even have a son, and that bit about working for a sport’s firm is a lie. Sports firms don’t hire people in her current condition in regards to her health. She never once explained why she did what she did and at the end during the follow up, she said she doesn’t talk to him anymore as if he did something horrible to her when SHE created that situation. I’m not surprised. Because that’s all I saw and death with in my 3 years in that state.

  9. Como pode ne acontecer isso cm ele eu passei por isso mas passei por dois episodios q passou no catfish a da historia da Miranda e de um outro cara q não lembro o nome dele mas ele passou por uma historia inacreditavel