Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars Finale Spoilers

Tonight is the final episode of a rocky season of Marriage Boot Camp Reality Stars. On the finale episode, the participants must take a lie detector test. When Slade and Gretchen go through their questions, Slade says he wouldn’t mind being a stay-at-home dad and that he is pursuing jobs outside of Gretchen’s business. Gretchen tells the lie detector that she does trust Slade to take the lead in the relationship. How do you think they’ll do?

As far as Tanisha and Clive, things do not go well as Tanisha reveals to the lie detector that she did cheat on Clive in the past. TV Ruckus writes:

Unfortunately for Tanisha, the big question Clive wanted her to answer while strapped to the apparatus in the season finale was whether she cheated on him in 2011. Oops. You have to hand it to the Bad Girl, because she said “yes”, with a rueful grin on her face. She knew she was caught dead to rights.

Two couples do not make it through the ring ceremony.


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I I am glad clive dumped her for the world to see, what a self righteous arrogant selfish woman, Tanisha is. She cheated oh Clive the first year of their marriage. she slaps him, hits him punches him. I guess if Clive turned around b’ slapped the hell out of her, she be calling the cops in a heart beat. then fake another heart attack for attention. the woman did not learn a thing at Marriage Boot camp. she was a fake coming in and left the same way. at the end it said, she found a new boyfriend. i wonder what mental ward this new pathetic man came from to fall for a selfish woman like Tanisha


Clive deserves so much better than Tanisha! He is too good for her. I cannot believe Tanisha was able to get away with domestic violence. Clive is a victim of her abuse. I see Tanisha as nothing more than a big bully who likes to abuse her husband and others.


I honestly feel so bad for Clive. No person should be disrespected the way he was on national TV. Tanisha never loved or respected him, she only married him because she felt that no other man will love her as he did. Yes she may earn more than him but that doesnt give her the right to put him down. Shes not appealing or likable and for that reason I would not support her in any of her future endeavors… The way she would through his hearing disability in his face was beyond low. So what if she had to remind him to get a hearing aide? If she loved him and it came from the heart such a thing would have never been mentioned in the contexted that it was… Love doesn’t look for faults. I seriously doubt that Tanisha will ever find anyone that cares for her as much as Clive does. She’s overweight and aggressive, no guy is going to put up with that. Except if he’s using her for money. Which will be exactly what she deserves.


I was surprised that WeTV allowed Tanisha to punch Clive like that on national tv and not stop her, and the counselors didn’t address it specifically. The police could have showed up for that. When Clive would try to speak and voice his opinion, Tanisha would tell him to “shut up”. I think the empty boxes were the best thing for Clive. He should go to culinary school and start a career in cooking because he loves cooking and the rest of the group seemed to enjoy eating it.

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