San Diego Comic-Con 2014: The Exclusives You Need to Know

Heroes in Action Toys – Booth #3420

• Mars Attacks VS Presidential Monsters Jrs 4″ figure two pack – $30


• Batman Arkham City Ornament
• Star Wars Velvet Flocked Wampa Ornament
• Iron Man 3 War Machine Ornament (Repaint of 2013 Iron Patriot Exclusive)


• G.I. Joe – “Danger at the Docks” Flint with VAMP MK II vs Cobra Eel with Cobra Night Landing Set
• Star Wars Black Series 6″ Jabba the Hutt with Salacious Crumb and Hookah
• Marvel Universe Infinity Gauntlet Action Figure Set
• Thanos Imperative Marvel Legends box set
• Knights of Unicron Transformers set – $184.99
• Dinobots Action Figure Collection – $159.99
• Transformers Kre-O Class of 1984 – $59.99
• My Little Pony Mane-Iac Mayhem Pony – $49.99
• My Little Pony Mane-Iac Equestria Girls Doll – $29.99
• Rockin’ Romance Jem Doll – $139.99

Holzheimer’s Distribution – Booth #3745

• Necrolectric Cast Pin featuring Chelsea Aldean
• Necrolectric Cast Pin featuring Cole Shoemaker
• Necrolectric Cast Pin featuring Cole Shoemaker
• Necrolectric Cast Pin featuring Eric Carpenter
• Necrolectric Cast Pin featuring Stephanie Koenig

Hot Toys

• Python Iron Man Mark 20 Sixth Scale Figure
• Ancient Predator Sixth Scale Figure
• Bank Robber Joker 2.0 Sixth Scale Figure

Hyperactive Monkey – Booth #5640

• Golden Pocket Monkey Kung Fu Master – $45
• Hyperactive Monkey X Lightsleepers T-Shirt – $25

Indican Pictures – Booth #4136

• Love in the Time of Monsters Comic-Con Button

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