Carrie Booze & Tom Touw, ‘Naked And Afraid’: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

On this week’s Naked And Afraid, meet Carrie Booze and Tom Touw as they battle the wilderness in Cambodia. Check out all the crazy facts on the two new survivalists.

1. Carrie Booze Is a Nightlife Girl, But That Doesn’t Mean She Isn’t Tough

Carrie Booze, also known as CC, is a Director of Marketing for one of Denver’s nightlife groups and is currently assisting in opening up a brand new club. She lives in Denver and works for Lotus Clubs, but that’s not all there is to her. Carrie actually joined the Marine Corps at age 17, as she was born into a military family in London. She then grew up in Spain before her family moved to Virginia. So, how did she get a taste for the outdoors? Her Discovery bio reads:

As a child she enjoyed the outdoors immensely and spent her days with her brother, going fishing, capturing small animals, and building forts. As a teenager, Carrie moved to Denver, Colorado … Carrie accredits the majority of her survival skills to her brother. She learned to build shelters, fish, and studied emergency survival operations with him. What made her want to learn survival was the desire to travel the world and live in self-sustaining environments.

As for Carrie’s time in the Marine Corps.:

Carrie spent 4 years in the Marine Corps and earned the rank of Sergeant before finishing her contract and returning to Denver.

PHOTOS: Carrie Booze’s Hottest Instagram Pics – ‘Naked And Afraid’

On tonight's Naked And Afraid we meet Carrie Booze and Tom Touw. Carrie is a sexy Maxim Hometown Hottie, Hooters girl and Nightlife Director. Check her out.

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2. Tom Touw Is Involved With the Military as Well

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Like Carrie, Tom comes from a military background as well. His Discovery bio gives details on his military background:

After college Tom joined the military, which further allowed him to see the world, and provided ample amounts of survival training and practice. In the military Tom has deployed to Bosnia, Kosovo, and Afghanistan. Tom has also served twice in Iraq as a civilian helping with the safety of soldiers and the war effort. Tom prides himself on his resiliency and uses his military experience and perseverance to push through any challenges.

As for what Tom hopes to accomplish from his survivalist experience, he hopes to be an example to his two children Alyssa and Kyle.

3. Tom Doesn’t Want to Spoon With Carrie to Stay Warm Because He’s Married

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Tom and Carrie are having a freezing night in Cambodia and their shelter isn’t completely finished. Tom is married, but the two need to spoon to keep warm, which makes for a very awkward scene. Throughout the night, you hear a lot of awkward apologies and Carrie is getting frustrated because she just wants to keep warm. Tom tells the camera that huddling with Carrie just doesn’t feel right because he’s a married man, though he knows it’s out of necessity.

What’s weird about this whole thing is that Tom’s Discovery bio lists him as “single.” Maybe things changed for him since he filmed the show.

4. Booze Was a Hooters Girl and a Maxim Hometown Hottie

Carrie Booze is a sexy girl with tons of hot pics on her Instagram and she’s even featured as one of Maxim’s Hometown Hotties girls. Here’s some of the info from her Maxim profile:

– She loves skinny-dipping, which should make Naked and Afraid the perfect show for her. Carrie explains:

I love skinny dipping. It’s like I see an ocean, and it just calls to me. I’ve done it in the Atlantic and Pacific and one time during a pretty monumental hurricane. I guess I live on the edge…

– She Was a Hooters girl while she attended school and the funniest pick-up line she ever heard was:

You remind me of a monkey wrench – because when I see you my nuts get tight.

5. Boy Scouts Is What Helped Tom Tune Into His Survivalist Side

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Tom’s skills are listed as tracking, land navigation, shelter building, bow drill and fire plow, trapping, and water collection. He attributes many of his skills to the Boy Scouts. Discovery writes:

As a boy Tom honed his outdoor and survival skills in the Boy Scouts. As a scout, Tom learned many of the skills he still uses today. Scouting taught Tom to shoot rifles, bow and arrow, and the basics for survival safety.

Growing up, Tom loved the outdoors, studying wildlife, climbing trees, and participating as a boy scout. He was born in the Netherlands and came to the U.S. when he was 4 years old. Because his parents loved to travel, he was able to see the world at a young age. Tom currently lives in Arizona and works as a defense contractor.

PHOTOS: Carrie Booze’s Hottest Instagram Pics – ‘Naked And Afraid’

On tonight's Naked And Afraid we meet Carrie Booze and Tom Touw. Carrie is a sexy Maxim Hometown Hottie, Hooters girl and Nightlife Director. Check her out.

Click here to read more

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  1. I feel for Tom a 40 yr old doing survival with this extremely hot 25 yr old. The producers must have predicted this. Tom is not a bad looking guy himself but she is so young and perky its pretty tough for any guy his age c’mon. She had major attitude but he was kind of weak in the outback skills and was soft on direction. I thought she was pretty daring to walk a mile away alone for the clams while he sat in camp and waited for fire wood? It would seem she may have partially done the challenge to further her beauty career. Having her nice round ass on tv couldn’t have hurt it. She is very sexy and attractive.I would love to know her blood line. I suspect in looking at her features and body that she is part black and has fake boobs which I personally dislike and feel makes her lean bitchy and fake. Fortunately she is young and seems smart so she may do very well.

    • all you ignorant n!gger hating bitches need to quit being bias and use common sense. if that tom guy had such a problem using basic survival instincts like cuddling nude at night to stay warm (yes it gets extremely cold), then maybe his duma§$ shouldve thought about that before signing up. also, even thou the carrie chick was kinda rude, she had a point.

  2. As worldly as her bio would lead one to believe she should be, she really came off fairly low class and uneducated. When you add that to the bitchiness, all that superficial appeal can go right out the window. She’s not as hot as she thinks, anyway, and she has clearly relied on what looks she does have, to get as far as she has. The producers really summed it up when they emphasized one of her last little tantrums, where she repeatedly tells Tom he’s “diluted”. The word you’re looking for is “deluded”, hon……..given what I’ve seen and heard of her on this show, the irony of her butchering the word is incredible. Oh, yeah…her statement that humans can go “days and days” without water should have prompted the producers to chopper her out of there in a heartbeat.

  3. She was just pissed that a man didn’t oddle over her body and spoon up with her. Sorry baby girl. She was dissed and never recovered. She was looking for an adventure, not survival. Those are very different things.

  4. The girl has something really wrong with her, I think she was withdrawing from drugs or something, she was like a child, I don’t believe she was a Sargent in the marines. Felt very sorry for the guy. They need to do a better job vetting the participants.

  5. Tom is the typical former military officer control freak. I have dealt with many of them over my professional career. When Carrie returned with the clams, all Tom had to say was “where is the firewood I told you to get.” No direct gratitude or acknowledgement for her self motivation and lack of fear to venture out alone to find food. He had been outdone by a female who had disobeyed his direct order. The male dominance first emerged when he began directives on how and where to build the shelter. The fact that he would not snuggle to stay warm in a survival environment due to his religion was self serving. He had no concern for her need to stay warm. Carrie out did Tom in every aspect of their three week adventure. She elicited self confidence in her abilities, and attempted to form a TEAM relationship, which Tom rejected. Kudos to Carrie. The fact that she has been blessed with great looks doesn’t diminish her toughness, physical conditioning, and mental resilience. Many of the episodes have demonstrated that the woman has stepped up to the plate when the guy was having mental fortitude issues. Forget about her looks. Carrie took charge letting Tom know what a pseudo survivalist he really was. Not that Tom wasn’t tough enough to complete the challenge, he was. I would choose Carrie anytime over Tom if my life were on the line. Tom appeared to be a self serving narcissist that wasn’t about to listen to, or act on good guidance that he didn’t initiate. She was frustrated with him, as I would have been expected a united front given the challenge ahead.

    • Drrona you must be a feminist muff diver that doesn’t know your asshole from a hole in the ground. First off that dumb bitch was a  combat correspondent in the Marines, where the fuck are her survival skills, not from the Corps . She had no skills in the show so again tell me what the hell you’re talking about. Oh as far as him not wanting to get warm with that std having hoe is his choice. He is married and respects his wife, nothing but respect for the guy. Quit being a dumb dyke, you rug munching cunt.

    • You are kidding, right? This bitch wanted nothing to do with teamwork, thought it was all about her, her, her, and didn’t have the slightest skills. The poster above who says she felt dissed by Tom was spot on. This little piece of trash will be doing a sex tape within the next 6 months, no doubt.

    • you are spot on. Tom was afraid to leave the fire. He was a total anchor. Carrie took the initiative to look for food, explore their surroundings, and attempt to teach mamas boy how to survive away from camp. Tom was and is a total looser, no skills, no personality, he should have staid home and never leave his yard. There was obviously no food on the rock he was stuck to. his only ambition was to keep a fire going in 100 degree heat. What a dumb ass. no wonder Carrie headed out on her own, or they would still be there. I thought he would have a panic attack when he could not find her. he was a total wimp, disgusting.

      • She basically built the campsite on her on while he kept a fire brewing. If he was caught up on feelings then why go on a show like that. Marines lead from the front. Semper Fi.

  6. Omg carrie you were incredible. Tom was such a baby. Please tell me they wrote that in the show ? I would have been out there diving for food with you time you found that neat clearing.

  7. Tom showed great class and patience having to deal with such a whiny, miserable person like Carrie. She ruined this episode with her non stop complaining and trash talk. Grow up! And it’s “deluded”, you moron, not “diluted.” Yucky person.

    • Right from the start from when Tom first saw Carrie he had to have in the back and front of his mind that his wife would divorce him and children not respect him for being on a show and leaving his family to be with a hottie like Carrie for 3 weeks. He was probably preoccupied with what lawyers he would have to hire for his divorce.Shame on the directors for putting a married man in the mix with a hot marine.

      • Afften was the worst poser /loser on the show and she definitely holds her first place ranking with that, but this skank, Carrie is a close second. I have dated a few women like her in my time and they look good at the onset, but when the “PSYCHO” emerges and the horns poke through the scalp, watch out for flying projectiles!!! She was a total liability and she demonstrated zero survival skills and the total inability to be a team player or work in sync with another human being. Her partner didn’t help matters any with his moralistic bullsh*t and he definitely needs to grow a pair, but this woman would have been a nightmare for anybody and she has no right being in a dangerous situation where another person has to depend on her. Her last name is very appropriate. If you have too much “BOOZE”, the resulting hangover would be excruciating and that is how I would sum up her personality – the hangover from Hell!! I hope that she never comes back and that she is put back inside her enclosure “SECURELY”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I had to change the channel. This girl was one of the most annoying people I’ve ever observed. I had to come on here to see if anyone else felt similarly. Thankfully I’m not alone. Would hate to be “diluted.”

  9. Neither seem like Rhodes scholar, but the woman has gigantic issues, and stealing her choice line of, you are deluded, from one of the lamest chick empowerment shows ever created. Sucks major army weener. Her performance was much more like the Movie Carrie, then like a Marine, they should sue her narrow ass. She makes me want to drown her lame pseudo, military, quasi diva, publicity wanting, race wondering, grey ass.

  10. Carrie couldn’t have made it without Tom. She’s a dramatic girly girl who doesn’t belong in the wild. She’s just not smart enough to survive.

  11. I would kill myself if I was stuck with that bitch for 21 days! Lame ass uneducated shitty excuse for a person.”diluted” dumb ass.

  12. All I Want to say here is I don’t understand any dumb person who can side with this dumb dumb dumb and let me say WEIRD stupid cry baby guy in this episode. The entire trip this guy was an awkward embarrassment complete Boy Scout baby boy-fail complaining about tenter and how items just appear and she doesn’t seem to understand the importance of that. Dude what are you TALKING about. The girl gets food like an awesome teammate and he cried about that. Not even a hint of gratitude. He said I said good job. I didn’t hear it. I don’t understand why the show felt he deserved any points at all. The girl was let down both mentally and physically right off the bat and straight through to the end. She presented her issues to work them out and seemed to be able to do nothing but stare back at her with a stupid dear-in-the-headlights stare and complain about the most girlish(and a bad exampl to use that phrase considering girl-power ruled this episode admittedly as a man but not by accident) and frankly silly things. He complained to the camera about himself and her and how they are effected and how it’s effecting her and how it would have been with another partner… What are you talking about? She said it right, he should have never came out to Cambodia. The most pathetic thing I thing about this trip may,MABYE, be is his log tantrum. He starts grabbing the biggest logs he can find throwing each one and looking over to her with tears coming down his face when he knows he is purposely getting big logs two both make it look like he’s pulling wait as a man(big fail I am smaller than him and I could have easily grabbed two at a time advising my parter to rest or make other use of his/herself) and needs her help as a team member. That task is more efficient when one person goes for wood one person comes back with wood. Is that really a two man job tuff guy? Give me a break. I just have to think about the difference between the Marine Corps and whatever force trained Tom here, the biggest joke on naked and afraid. I mean I feel completely bad for the girl she was with just a really weak and extrodanarily useless military man. I feel he embarrassed the men that trained him, for he literally embarrassed me. I wish I could have replaced him just to help out a Marine lady who would have been an awesome team member to just about any two person team for the purpose of naked and afraid. As a man… To this I have only one response that can say it all-GIRLPOWER that is all I have to say

  13. I just watched the rerun and Carrie is an immature, self centered, entitled bitch! Poor Tom, he can’t do anything right in her eyes. She probably treats all men like that!

  14. Carrie is the hottest woman by far that appeared on naked and afraid…..now she’s doing 40 day show…..

    Hopefully some real nude photos of her will show up online…..she’s smoking how

    A sex tape would be awesome to watch