Lindsay Price, Curtis Stone’s Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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Curtis Stone is hosting the newest edition of the Top Chef franchise, Top Chef Duels, which premieres on Bravo on August 6.

The celebrity chef brings home his culinary skills to his family, which includes his wife, actress Lindsay Price, and their son, Hudson.

Meet the woman behind the food guru, who is expecting baby number two.

1. She Met the Top Chef on a Blind Date

The actress joined the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 and became Steve Sanders, played by Ian Ziering, wife.

4. She Dated Josh & Was Married Before That

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She was with How I Met Your Mother star Josh Radnor for one year.

The pair actually met on the HIMYM set, when Price guest starred.

Radnor told People about how they reconnected, “We met up a year and a half later in New York, last summer in August,” says Radnor. “We went to have dinner near the Bowery. It went really well. We’ve been together ever since.”

Her 2004 marriage to her first husband, actor Shawn Pillar, pictured below, ended in divorce in 2007.

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5. There’s Speculation She Had Work Done

Although the 37-year-old, born to a German and Irish father and a Korean mother, never spoke on the subject, there are rumors that she had surgery on her face.

In fact, Surgerypic.com thinks she did it to look more Americanized:

Many people say that Lindsay Price is an Asian woman who transforms herself to Westernized. And one thing that make her looked like western woman is her nose. In before and after picture, we may say that her nose has slight changed.

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