Mara Justine: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

The best part about America’s Got Talent is that it opens its doors to youngsters around the country who are gifted with a talent– be it an instrument, a sport, or dance skills. Mara Justine was born with a voice way beyond her years, and many people think she’s a huge contender to win this competition, even though she’s not even a teenager yet.

Here’s what you need to know about the talented young singer.

1. She Studied With Sal Dupree

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Sal Dupree told The Press of Atlantic City Justine is “amazing and really something special.”

Dupree is a well-known vocal coach in the northeast. His students have been featured on The Voice, America’s Got Talent, American Idol, and The X Factor. He coached Bianca Ryan, the first season $1 million winner of AGT, Lou Gazarra (who was a finalist in the second season of American Idol) and Tiffany Evans, the grand champion of Star Search.

He recently spoke to NBC 40 about the rising star.

She had something different. She has a very dark, deep voice for someone her age and she has an inner soul that most kids don’t have.

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2. Nick Cannon Tweeted Her Immediately Following Her Performance

Immediately following her first stellar performance, Nick Cannon tweeted at Mara, commending her killer vocal chops. The youngster has over 1,500 followers to date.

Mara’s mother, Linda Platt, always knew her daughter was something special. She told NBC 40,

From when she was little I would laugh because she would dance and sing, you know, not like an ordinary kid.When I see her with all that confidence I feel like she would just, she’ll go for the stars, she’ll go for anything.

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3. She Covered “Before He Cheats” When She Was Eight

… and it was insanely good. In fact, the most recent comment on the above video was left by a talent agency who’s scouting the youngster. She’s definitely going to be a hot commodity regardless of where the competition takes her.

Mara is known for switching from a cute, fresh-faced kid into a soulful powerhouse in an instant, and admits that something changes when she performs.

I feel like whenever I go out on stage, I feel like something comes over me, I have the funnest time out there, it’s like my home when I go out there, and I just love it.

4. Her Audition Has Over 682,000 Views

Mara has certainly won America over this summer. The youngin told NBC 40:

This is game time. You gotta be on your game.

Though young, she’s is fully aware of what it will take to progress to the next round of auditions, and has no intentions on slowing down.

The video above, which has over 18,000 views, shows Justine singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” at just 9-years-old.

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5. She Has Over 1,800 Followers On Twitter

If Mara makes it through the quarterfinals, she’ll be one of 20 acts that advances to Radio City. Though the singer seems shy at first glance, her family describes her as being quite the singing diva as a child. Her mom told NBC 40:

From when she was little I would laugh because she would dance and sing, you know, like an ordinary kid.

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  1. Mara is destined o be word-class singer because in spite that we, in Yo-Mur-Aa-Ka, can’t recognize talent is notwithstanding, the world has good enough taste to propel her to the top.
    Charice, Amira, Jackie, and Mara could not win AGT; why? Because they had amazing talent beyond the voter’s ability to recognize. There will be no holding Mara or, the others, back.

    • So is horrible. I am 11 and I have been taking lessons for 8 years. I could sing before I could walk. She uses the back of her throat, and she pushes her voice out. She might be acceptable if she did about five more years of lessons. I am auditioning this year for AGT and I can and I will beat her. She seems nice and all but does not have the look and if you know music, she is damaging her voice.

      • Sounds like someone’s jealous. But then I see that you’re only 11 years old and most likely do not know what professional courtesy is, or good manners for that matter. If you ever do make it big you might remember that being humble goes a long way.

  2. This is by far one of the BEST singers EVER in history. I am 70 and I love her music. She should have won the competition HANDS DOWN. She is destined to be one of the singers in the future EVERYONE will remember! I am going to be a one man advertising platform for her to family and friends and listserve.