Meet the ‘Survivor: San Juan Del Sur’ Cast 2014

Survivor: San Juan Del Sur premieres September 24, 2014 on CBS and we’ve got the run-down on the brand new cast right here. Check them out below.

Dale and Kelley Wentworth
- Dale Wentworth, 55, Ephrata, Washington, farmer
- Kelley Wentworth, 28, Seattle, marketing manager

Drew Christy and Alec Christy
- Drew Christy, 25, Winter Park, Florida, traveling sales rep
- Alec Christy, 22, college student

Jeremy Collins and Val Collins
- Jeremy Collins, 36, Foxboro, Massachusetts, firefighter
- Val Collins, 35, Foxboro, Massachusetts, police officer

John Rocker and Julie McGee
- John Rocker, 39, Atlanta, former pro baseball player
- Julie McGee, 34, Atlanta, model and owner of True Glow Spray Tan

Josh Canfield and Reed Kelly
- Josh Canfield, 32, New York City, singer, actor and writer
- Reed Kelly, 31, New York City, Broadway performer, model and aerialist

Jon Misch and Jaclyn Schultz
- Jon Misch, 26, Waterford, Michigan, financial assistant
- Jaclyn Schultz, 25, Las Vegas, media buyer

Keith Nale and Wes Nale
- Keith Nale, 53, Shreveport, Louisiana, fire captain
- Wes Nale, 22, Shreveport, Louisiana, firefighter

Missy Payne and Baylor Wilson
- Missy Payne, 46, Dallas, owner of competitive cheerleading gym
- Baylor Wilson, 20, Dallas, student

Natalie Anderson and Nadiya Anderson
- Natalie Anderson, 28, Edgewater, New Jeresey, physical therapy student
- Nadiya Anderson, 28, West New York, New Jersey, non-profit project coordinator

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