Susan Schneider, Robin Williams’ Wife: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Who was Robin Williams married to

Robin Williams pictured with his wife, Susan Schneider in 2011. (Getty)

Susan Schneider is the broken-hearted wife of Robin Williams, who passed away Monday. She was the last to see Robin Williams alive, before his personal assistant found him hanging by his belt. Read on for the facts on Schneider and her relationship with the funniest man on Earth.

UPDATE: Schneider has revealed that Williams was in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease, but he was not ready to come out to the public just yet.

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1. Susan Has Released a Statement On Robin’s Death

Robin Williams Wife

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Susan released a statement following her husband Robin’s death:

This morning, I lost my husband and my best friend, while the world lost one of its most beloved artists and beautiful human beings. I am utterly heartbroken. On behalf of Robin’s family, we are asking for privacy during our time of profound grief. As he is remembered, it is our hope the focus will not be on Robin’s death, but on the countless moments of joy and laughter he gave to millions.

In addition to his wife’s heartfelt words, Robin’s publicist has released a similar statement:

Robin Williams passed away this morning. He has been battling severe depression of late. This is a tragic and sudden loss. The family respectfully asks for their privacy as they grieve during this very difficult time.

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2. This Is Robin Williams’ Third Marriage

Susan Schneider, Susan Schneider Graphic Designer, Robin Williams Wife Susan Schneider, Robin Williams Death, Susan Schneider, Robin Williams Widow


Prior to marrying Susan, Robin lost about $20 million in his divorce from second ex-wife Marsha Garces in 2008. He also was married to Valerie Velardi in 1978, but divorced in 1988 after a cheating scandal with a cocktail waitress, where the waitress sued Robin over a case of Herpes Simplex.

For information on Williams’ two ex-wives:

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3. Susan Is a Graphic Designer

Susan Schneider, Susan Schneider Graphic Designer, Robin Williams Wife Susan Schneider, Robin Williams Death, Susan Schneider, Robin Williams Widow


Susan is a talented graphic designer who enjoys painting. At the time of their 2011 wedding, she headed the design first Critical Eye Design.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported leading up to the wedding:

Robin Williams and Susan Schneider, who’ve known each other for four years and been seeing each other for slightly less than that, were to marry at Meadowood on Sunday. In response to a call, the bride, a graphic designer whose company is Critical Eye Design, said they were both “so excited and so thrilled.”

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4. The Two Met Shortly Before Williams’ Heart Surgery

Susan Schneider, Susan Schneider Graphic Designer, Robin Williams Wife Susan Schneider, Robin Williams Death, Susan Schneider, Robin Williams Widow


Robin Williams had heart surgery in March 2009 and met Susan shortly beforehand. According to The Guardian:

A close brush with death has given the 58-year-old a new perspective. He met his friend Susan Schneider, a 45-year-old graphic designer, shortly before his operation and she nursed him through convalescence at his California home.

Susan reportedly helped nurse Robin back to health during his recovery. Robin’s brother Robert Todd Williams, actually died of complications from heart surgery.

5. Their Wedding Was a Star-Studded Affair

In 2011, Susan married Williams in a star-studded wedding that was supported by Williams’ three children. In attendance were celebrity guests including Steven Spielberg, George Lucas, and Billy Crystal.

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    • what a horrible thing to say.
      perhaps she thought she would be right back…or WHATEVER…there’s a thousand things she COULD have done, or she wished she HAD DONE differently. To suggest that she should have checked on him sounds like she has some blame in what happened. Isn’t she suffering enough? what if someone said that about you?
      You’ve never left your home without checking on every person there?
      so sad to see that someone would type that comment….perhaps I’m misreading what you’re saying? hopefully I am.

      • He was not ‘every person there’, he was her husband. A wife should never leave the house without looking in/ or making some kind of contact with her husband or vice versa….especially since they obviously did not sleep in the same bed/bedroom that night.

      • When i leave home without kissing my wife i get angry message thereafter, let alone not looking at her. They were pretty much newly married. His depression could have been cause of it or outcome, who knows. RIP. PS: angriest man in Brooklyn is awesome.

    • Joa- That was the first thing that crossed my mind when I heard how she left the house without checking in on him. I find that to be very strange as well….

  1. I’m sure they were madly in love. Just seems odd that she didn’t check on him before she left the house. I’m always checking on my husband. Just to make sure he is o.k. With severe depression, I probably would have had my eye on him constantly.

  2. I can’t believe that no media outlet even makes mention of one of my favorite movies by this brilliant, amazing man: “What Dreams May Come.” Through that movie, we can see just how horrible and lonely depression can be. For me, a Desert Storm Vet, it really helped me, knowing others out there can relate.

    He will be sorely missed. God bless and receive you, Mr. Williams. We love you and are eternally grateful for your comedic genius.

  3. When I live together with a person in the same house, there are 2 things I would do in the morning if we are both at home:
    1.) Say good morning to that person
    2.) Have breakfast with that person

    Leaving at around 11:30 A.M. and not having seen or spoken to my partner sounds very strange to me.

    • After hearing about Robin Williams death, the first thing I thought of was Where was his wife???
      Why wasn’t she the one to find Robin?? Why didn’t she check on him in the morning before she left the house knowing he was suffering from depression?? Maybe she did not even live at the residence anymore?? I don’t know how she ‘cared about him’ if she did not even look into his room in the morning just to see if he was OK!!!! She sounds very suspicious to me!!! Wondering about their relationship or lack of…. Hope to god that Robin did not leave her any money!!!

  4. how sad he ended the way he did . we will miss him greatly. again , I think couple should really consider this practice of having separate bedrooms and `stick together` in just a bedroom that belongs to couples . . .Just remember life is just too short so don’t hold on to yourself . . . R I P .

  5. I agree about his wife. I would check on him. I would
    make sure he ate and got sunshine. Its possible she
    was willing to let him give up because of his “great
    suffering.” The personal assistant’s husband seemed
    to want to explain this. Maybe misguided love on their
    part and his wife. It may have been difficult to live with
    but it was not too late while he was alive to deal with
    childhood issues, though, we do appreciate
    the insight into who he was.

    It breaks your heart to know that Dr. Phil is available
    with resources. He was an entertainer. Call and ask
    if he was at risk. There was responsibility on her part.
    There was only blame if she knew what he was going
    to do and planned it with him. Michael J. Fox was there
    to talk to. Ask him to talk to him. He had too much
    isolation, with little physical contact for too long. Emails
    were not sufficient. No matter what he preferred at some
    point it was time to bring people in like he was there for

  6. has anybody thought about, that the current wife might have hire someone to do it and make it look like a suicide? Give the guy some sleeping pills than why would she go to a separate room and in the morning take off to run errands without even checking up on him, knowing he was suffering from stress ,and was suicidal, you don’t leave a suicidal person alone unless you want him dead. Might she be involved with someone and in the morning left the home to reassure the other kill Williams and cut his hands and put a knife in his pocket, has anyone find out where that knife came from? and why would the wife not check on Williams for more than 10 hours, why is the wife now coming out by saying he had symptoms of Parkinson’s ,has his personal doctor said its true to the authorities? if Mr. Williams wanted to die ,why would he wait this long, if he had been depress all his life? Most people that comity suicide and have love ones they most of the time leave a note telling why they did it. .it’s just my point of view. ,There is a lot of money involve and why anyone having all that money and a happy family for support, and many projects down the road want to die?

    • The pictures of Williams and the wife most of them show a great deal of love by the way they always were holding hands in public, than my question is why a couple showing that much love in public sleep in separate rooms in the home, and how far was the room Mr. Williams slept that that wife could not check in to check the husband if she knew he suffered from problems why check back till the husband was dead? Someone should consult a spiritual person that talks to the dead, and get the truth out.

    • Seems awfully strange, Robin was losing weight, was not himself, and she didn’t have a clue? or more, did she even care? something very strange was going on.

      • I agree with all of you about the fact that she did not check on him. In his fragile condition? Very cold hearted. What appointment could be more important than your husband. Now she is fighting about money and trying to get more from his children. She is disgraceful. She did not deserve the precious man she had.

  7. Who knows how many other woman he had and why he can’t keep a relationship if he new he had a problem.

  8. Give him peace, because I think he wouldn’t tell anyone what he was going through. He had issues.

  9. robin was all alone..she left him alone no good bye..see you later…he was vulnerable and she took advantage she got her$$$$$

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