PHOTOS: Zelda Rae Williams, Robin Williams’ Daughter

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  1. I still can’t get over the death of Robin Williams !!! I have depression and have taken different medications for it and I have also been in therapy for my depression for over 5 years and I just pray that God will give Robin Williams a place in Heavenwished that I as a fan and someone who can also sympathize with the family of this very very very troubled man !! I just pray that God will give Robin a place in

  2. My cell phone messes up on me,so I just wanted to let Robin Williams,s family know that I loved him and always will love him !! Depression is a very very bad disease, and it has caused famous people to end their lives !! I just wished that I could of been with him and could of talked to him about how much I felt his pain !!! I have thought so many times about ending my own life,but I am too scared to end my life !! God doesn’t ap

  3. Approve of people to kill themselves and I am sure Robin knew this . I just pray that he talked to God before he took his life !! I once wrote to Robin about one of the many movies that he did and how much I really loved it !! I think that he wrote back to me !!! People should not make fun of people who are famous and even those who are not famous for hurting or killing themselves !!! Robin Williams tried to get help for his problems and he must of felt lonely just figured that

  4. Robin Williams probably felt that there was nothing he could do to help him with his problems !!!! To Robin,s family, I send you my love and sympathy !!!

  5. I cannot get over the death of the gifted and talented individual Robin Williams. My brother suffers from depression and Parkinsons disease and i am
    now trying to get his the proper help. It effects everyone. My condolences and prayers go out to the entire Williams Family.