Jane Musky – ‘Scandal’ Actor Tony Goldwyn’s Wife

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    • I totally agree. She doesn’t look like his type at all but it’s nice that’s looks aren’t everything to him. I won’t lie when I first saw a pic of them together, I thought she was his mom…oops.

      • Usually, if one does not have something nice to say, specially about someone you really don’t know, it is best to remain silent.

  1. Love that she is Jersey girl. Watched her day in the life on YouTube, her career is very interesting and she has worked on some great movies. She is a beautiful woman who is also very talented. I can see why they are do happy together. Much respect to both of them.

    • y r u people trying 2 insult our intelligence. She maybe a very nice person but I don’t believe they r together. U need not 2 b a genuis 2 figure that out. U need 2 stop trying 2 sell this baloney of a story, its disrespectful n my opinion.