‘Rock This Boat’ – New Kids On The Block
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‘Rock This Boat’ – New Kids On The Block


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I’ve been an NKOTB Fan forever. I am spending a buttload of money to go on the 2015 NKOTB Cruise with my sister. We are flying all the way over from Australia and intend to ROCK THIS BOAT Aussie style….. will their be a Season 2??? If so… where do I sign up to audition!!!


If Donnie W. produced this show, why include all fat, nasty, disgusting blobs of annoying shit? I was annoyed by NKOTB back on the days very badly……now I respect what they did musically but, WTF is up with your heffer ass fans who thin theyre hot??????? A nasty ass woman with boob tattoos and a “man jaw” flashing her droopy hoo hoos enough to offend Danny(who is lots of years younger I might add). Some gap tooth ugly Mexicans. A “bridezilla” that needs pushed over the edge so me and her bridesmaids dont have to hear her GINGER ASS WHINEY VOICE! And a bunch of ugly fat women swooning over the band……Come oN DONNIE! Look at your wife! Look at your burgers at your bros restaraunt! The dirt on the floor is sexier than these UGLY ass women you feature on “Rock This Boat”. Like in the old days……give us a guys a reason to watch NKOTB……something besides the fat nasty, droopy tattoed boobed, gap tooth, fat Mexicans! Damn it man!!!!!!!!!!!GUY CODE!!!!! Quit highlighting the nasty women!!!! Even the “bikini sisters” are jacked way up! They wouldnt be appealing if the rest of the boats passengers werent so fat, old, and ugly! Cut us guys who are forced to watch thos a break! PLEASE! I respect what you do but, reapect us guys back…..no more fat, saggy tattoed, nasty, gap toothed, ugly Mexican or Caucasion skanks next year please!!!!! If so, aim for an iceburg and sink those nasty grenades!
A concerned husband


Sorry for the bad spelling! It was a rough night watching all the nasty women!!!!!!!!!!! Ouch!!!!!!!! How do you do it??????

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