‘American Idol’ 2015 Contestants: Top 8 Guys
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‘American Idol’ 2015 Contestants: Top 8 Guys

East Coast, we're revealing the TOP 8 #IdolGuys NOW on @foxtv! Double-tap if you'll be watching! #MotownIdol

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On tonight’s episode of American Idol, the Top 8 guys were chosen out of the Top 12 and some of your favorites made it through while others were sent home. Legend Aretha Franklin opened up the show by singing her song “I Will Survive,” setting the tone for the night before Ryan Seacrest announced who’d be moving on in the competition.

Check out the Top 8 guys who are still on the show below, listed in the order that they were announced.

Daniel Seavey

Daniel Seavey has been a favorite of Jennifer Lopez’s as he’s just so “adorable.” He’s also the youngest contestant in Idol history to make it this far in the competition.

Mark Andrew

Mark Andrew is from Minneapolis and he’s the oldest contestant in the competition, telling the Pioneer Press: Being the oldest guy in the competition, it’s more of a need type of situation. Like I need to win.

Rayvon Owen

"Words cannot express how happy, grateful & excited I am right now" We feel you Rayvon! #HollywoodWeek

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Rayvon Owen is on the fast-track to stardom. He’s already released an EP called “Cycles” and has a track called “Rescue” that was co-written by 30 Seconds from Mars’ musician Steve Aiello.

Adam Ezegelian

Adam Ezegelian is the rocker with the fro that we all love to watch. He says that pleasing the audience is his top priority.

Clark Beckham

When Beckham performed “When a Man Loves a Woman” by Percy Sledge, he received a standing ovation from judge Keith Urban. The other two judges couldn’t stop singing his praises either.

Nick Fradiani

East Haven, Connecticut, where Fradiani was born, has declared February 25th Nick Fradiani Day. He gets his musical side from his father Nick Fradiani Sr., who was a performer throughout his life and is enjoying all the attention his son is getting.

Qaasim Middleton

#DoYouSeemie ??? #ImNotLightSkin #IdolGuys #Top12Boys #TeamQaasim

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After Qaasim was announced as being in the Top 8 guys for American Idol, his name began trending on Twitter.

Quentin Alexander

If @jlo strut her stuff while holding out coat, we wouldn't wash it either, Quentin! #HollywoodWeek

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Quentin Alexander is known for his snazzy fashion as well as his vocals. Harry Connick Jr. said he stopped waiting to see what kind of outfit judge Jennifer Lopez was wearing each day and started waiting to see what Quentin would wear.


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kate box

where is Trevor Douglas he should have made it😒😱


I think as most the men this year are the better of the genders! Daniel I think is just so talented for his age. However Clark is the Winner!

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