Carole Radziwill on ‘Real Housewives of New York City’

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  1. i do not know why but i just do not like this celebrity. i thinks its weird that she thinks she a lovely, attractive lady….yet i do not see any sexuality or anything attractive about her…..from the way she dresses to the way she carries herself.

  2. With all the money you have, please get your buck teeth fixed. It’s called braces and you need them badly.

  3. I think she is very pretty, witty and intelligent. I do believe her when she says the rumors of a massive Radziwill fortune is greatly overstated. I do not believe she has anywhere near a $50 million fortune. I was curious about her royal husband and did some research and the royal fortune was lost many, many years ago and I don’t believe either of them earned anywhere near that amount in journalism or from her writings.

  4. She is a nobody who basically won the lottery. She was married to AR for just 5 years before his death. That’s it. Now this nobody has his money to do what ever the hell she wants with the rest of her life. Including dabble in writing, travel, buy clothes, live in gorgeous NYC apartments, and be on TV. She is not a Kennedy. Very much doubt she was as tight with J&C as she continues to claim. NO- they were not her family. She married a member of the family. For 5 years. That’s it. Lucky? Yes. Royalty? Noooooo.