Amanda Peterson Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Amanda Peterson interview 1987 - Can't Buy Me Love

Peterson pictured in 1987 at the height of her fame.

One of the stars of 1980s classic Can’t Buy Me Love has died at the age of 43. Amanda Peterson was no longer active in the entertainment industry at the time of her passing.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. She Had Been Suffering From Sleep Apnea

Amanda Peterson Dead

Peterson died at her home in Greeley, Colorado, where she was born. Her passing comes just two days before her 44th birthday. TMZ reports that her father told them “She had some illness and a sleep apnea problem that may have contributed.” The site added that since 2013, she’s battled pneumonia, sinusitis and sleep apnea. Her father said that he hadn’t heard from her since July 3 and that her body was found at her home on July 5. In 2014, she was forced to move home due to a mold issue.

2. In Her Most Famous Movie, She Played a Cheerleader Who Was Paid to Date a Nerd

She shot to fame in 1987 with her role in Steve Rash’s Can’t Buy Me Love where she played the character of Cindy Mancini alongside Patrick Dempsey. The film dealt with a nerd (Dempsey) paying a cheerleader (Peterson) $1,000 to be his girlfriend for a week. In 2003, it was remade with Nick Cannon and Christiana Milian and repackaged as Love Don’t Cost a Thing. It was set in Tucson, Arizona. Also featured in the film were Paula Abdul and Seth Green. You can watch the full movie above. Just before that effort, Peterson starred in Explorers with River Phoenix and Ethan Hawke.

3. She’s Been Retired From Show Business Since 1994

Following on from her movie roles, Peterson appeared in TV hits such as Doogie Howser and Boone. In 1994, she retired from acting and moved back to Colorado. Peterson’s last role was in the 1994 movie Windrunner with Jason Wiles. Her hometown of Greeley is located just over 60 miles north of Denver.

4. She Was Last Seen Doing Modeling in Colorado in 2012

Her last public appearance was in 2012 when she did some modeling in Colorado. In a thank you note to Peterson, the photographer, Ryan, wrote that he only spoke to her every few months and that any messages would be passed on to her but it may take time.

5. Peterson Had Been Trying to Make it as a Writer

TMZ reports that she had enrolled in college after leaving the entertainment industry but had dropped out in 2010. The site says she was trying to make it as a writer.

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  1. Nobody’s missed her since’You need to have July 11 off. NEXT SATURDAY. It’s Maple Grove Day’s. Spencer say’s he has mandatory over time and can’t make it I’m counting on you and who ever else. Please don’t leave me hanging. ’87

  2. Who gives a shit about dead celebrity’s? Hell I don’t all they give a fuck about is fame & fortune, the fact is we all live & then we all die so cry me a fuckin river for fuck sake even that bullshit with Paul Walker he got himself fried beyond recognition which I’m tired of hearing about the only reason fast 7 made over a billion at the box offices worldwide because of walker
    Cue the violin break out the tissues then wipe ya shitty ass on them cause I don’t give a fuck which celebrity drops dead next as for Peterson I bet she was an expert waxing dicks for a living & took it up the ass Imfao

    • hey stupid fuck. let me guess you’re a tiny dick born in 2000. you don’t know jack about her. She left the industry she could have been the next julia roberts back then. Instead she decided to go low key and live a simple life. She was humble and modest. unlike many narcissistic actors nowadays. give yourself a favor. stay in your rat hole.

    • You are an asshole! Show some fucking respect you no brain dickhead…..maybe you should drop dead so we can all not give a flying fuck.What a retard to say stupid bullshit like this….

    • Blah Blah, you are a ass!!! Why the hell would you leave such a horrible comment!?!! If you don’t give a shit….SHUT THE HELL UP LOSER!!

  3. SPELLCHECK is highly recommended if you can’t spell
    sleep APENA?! WTF people, have a little professional pride!

  4. She was an amazing actress, but we have many good things to remember her by. It makes me sad because it’s like a good memory of my past is gone. I was stationed at Ft. Carson Colorado when can’t buy me love came out. She is in heaven now, partying with the angels. She is without pain and suffering now, which is good. I only hope and pray that her young daughter will somehow get through this.

  5. I was 16 and going into my junior year of high school when Can’t Buy Me Love came out. I knew that movie was too good to be true (pretty much all are, no?), but Cindy Mancini still gave me hope (albeit, hope I could only dream about, but hope nevertheless). How could a hopeless nerd like me not fall in love with that movie and fall in love with Cindy? As a teenager, I watched that movie more times than I could count and watched it last night for the first time in I don’t know how long. Now, I am 45, divorced, with two kids of my own and living in a foreign country for the last 22 years and I can still relate to that Ronnie character, as well as Kenneth and his clique. Amanda Peterson (aka “Cindy Mancini”) you are still alive and well in my mind!!!!

    • Hey, Mitch, I’m from Germany and 3 years older, but you described it as I experienced and feeled it: I felt in love with this movie – and Cindy & Ronnie gave me hope for love. And in that time I knew a girl exactly like her! I’ll never forget that feeling of young love coming from the core of the heart, provided by this movie’s dream girl character Cindy Mancini and her actress Amanda Peterson. This is the proof for me that it was and is a great movie – and all the critics who said or say the opposite simply have no sense for the youth, for love, for dreams, for hope. I can only reply what you wrote: “I can still relate to that Ronnie character, as well as Kenneth and his clique. Amanda Peterson (aka “Cindy Mancini”) you are still alive and well in my mind!!!!”
      You see, we’re not alone – Amanda is not alone, too.