Nicole McMackin – David Beador’s Former Mistress

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The identity of Shannon Beador’s husband David’s former mistress have been revealed by Daily Mail as Nicole McMackin. Shannon and David has been battling the aftermath of his eight-month affair, but recently celebrated their 15th anniversary together. David admitted to cheating on his wife with a 43-year-old business executive who was also married. In addition, she had befriended Shannon while the affair was going on.

It is reported that David Beador first was intimate with McMackin at an elite business club meeting for entrepreneurs in 2013. They had secret hotel encounters around Newport Beach and would go out to restaurants together as well.

Nicole and Shannon are reported to have met at their daughters’ basketball games and Shannon says Nicole would ask her about her relationship with her husband throughout the betrayal. McMackin is the President of Irvine Technology Corp, which is a firm that provides IT solutions and personnel. A source revealed to Daily Mail that:

Shannon first suspected David was cheating after catching him whispering to someone on the phone. Then in April last year – before filming had started for Season 10 of the show – Shannon decided to check David’s briefcase while he was out and she found hotel receipts stuffed inside. When he got back she confronted him and David admitted to an affair.

The source then dropped a bomb saying:

It turns out that Nicole purposely put her kid on Shannon’s daughter’s basketball team, a team that David coaches. The whole thing is upsetting for a lot of different reasons. They began talking during games and Nicole would ask her how her relationship was going. It just seems really underhanded and manipulative, almost as if she was probing for info to use to break them up. Or maybe she was just feeling guilty.

Nicole McMackin, who was also married, reportedly mended her relationship with her husband Reed McMackin as well.


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I believe she and her husband had a plan to go after David’s money. This was a plot, EXTORTION


Women like her are a dime a dozen………………….. Shannon – Are you sure you can trust David? Once a cheater always a cheater…. This is a Fact!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I thought she would be young and beautiful. Shannon is way more beautiful. Then she befriends her. That is unforgiving. That lady needs to go to church asap.


You’re right Tiffany. She has a resemblance to Shannon but Shannon is prettier. Shannon needs to lay off the booze though.


What a tramp she is. Our business in Irvine will never associate with her company because of her lack of morals. How can you trust a person like that? Shannon is also gorgeous!

Linda K

What a piece of trash… it’s bad enough that you cheat on your own husband with someone elses husband, but to use your own child as a tool to get close to the wife of the man you are cheating with, Trash at it’s worse… Getting close to the wife by way of your own child….Low-life… Her husband should dump her, take his kids, and protect them from a vile monster like that…. Cheating is bad, but using your kids, befriending the wife your betraying, give me a break…and she’s not that pretty….her actions make her just plain ugly…


Trash, trash and smelly trash! Some women will sell their soul to fulfill their needs! To use your kids???? Really???? Your not women enough to get him on your own? Your husband should leave you, you only love yourself! Prayers for your husband And children! Shannon she will Never be the Women you are! So proud of you Shannon for standing up for what is yours, what a role model you are to your Girls! #TeamShannon


Dont be so quick to judge. i have had great steamy sex with her.she is kinky to the max. this is not her first rodeo.


It is so sad that we are in a day and age when women act as men. Selfish women.


Why do women do this to each other? If they would support each other not only would they be GOOD examples to their kids the world would be a better place



I wanted to give you some additional information regarding your recent headlining story regarding Shannon Beador and the “Mistress” Nicole McMackin-

I personally know Nicole and have known her for years
This information is indeed fact- I would like to make this information anonymous- As she will know who I am when this information is leaked out-

It can be 100% completely verifiable information-

This is not her first affair-

She was having an affair with at least 2 additional men both of which are within the IT industry- Both men were in very high places in very high profile company’s- both are global based-

1 of the men where found out and abruptly shipped off to the UK-

The other affair was broken off by the man she was seeing

El Jefe

None of this changes the fact that DAVID is the SCUMBAG who cheated on her. DAVID is the one who betrayed his wife, betrayed his family. Who this woman is or isn’t is irrelevant- if it hadn’t been her, it would have been someone else. Put the blame where the blame belongs- on DAVID.


Im trying to get on her level. Im at least 15 yes younger than her. Tell those men I need a good paying slot.


Hate to say this but I think the mistress is a very beautiful woman…BUT her behavior is REPULSIVE!! Do I think she was after David’s money…maybe a little bit but her job is NOTHING to snub your noses at! I’m sure she makes a pretty penny! Still amazes me, though, the affair went on for 8 months & all the other ladies on RHOC knew but no1 would tell Shannon! Heather even admitted she KNEW (on part 2 of the reunion) for a fact who David’s mistress was but she never gave Shannon the info! If these women had of told Shannon, maybe the affair would’ve ended a lot sooner! This mistress def is a piece of crap for all Her underhanded behavior…putting her daughter on David’s b’ball team, befriending Shannon etc….wow! Well, she’ll def reap what she’s sown!! No doubt about it!

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