Angela Bowie – David Bowie’s Ex-Wife

Angela Bowie, David Bowie Ex Wife, David Bowie Married, David Bowie First Wife, Who Is David Bowie Married To

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Angela Bowie, 66, is the first wife of music legend David Bowie, whose real name is David Jones. She was born as Mary Angela Barnett on September 25, 1949. Angela is part of a rock folklore era and is reported by The Mirror to be the woman who actually helped David Bowie create Ziggy Stardust. Their marriage lasted 11 years and ended in 1980. David Bowie did not marry again until 1992. In their marriage together, they had a one son, film director Duncan Jones. Duncan was, at times, called Zowie.

The former Mrs. Bowie says that she and David Bowie met through their mutual friend, record executive Dr. Calvin Mark Lee. In an interview with The Mirror, Angela Bowie actually recalls the first time she and Bowie slept together, when she was just a teenager. She explained:

I remember exactly where and when David Bowie and I first slept together. It was in London in the summer of 1968 after an evening at the Speakeasy – the night King Crimson celebrated their new recording contract and Donovan got up and sang Buddy Holly songs with them. David came back to my little room above the Nomad Travel Club in Paddington. He was pretty drunk and we were both pretty exhausted when we fell into my little bed together.

Angela described Bowie as cold at first and with “the instincts of a bisexual alleycat,” though his longtime wife Iman may share a difference in opinion. Angela said that when he started to warm to her, he talked about things like this:

David talked about his childhood in Brixton; about his father, a gentle ­Yorkshireman who had worked as PR man for Dr Barnardo’s; about his firebrand mother who’d had an illegitimate child; and about that child, Terry Burns, nine years David’s senior and his great hero. David told me how Terry had introduced him to music, politics, and poetry – and also to a haunting fear. Diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, he was in and out of mental institutions until 1984, when he threw himself under a train.

Wikipedia reports that Angela says Bowie actually had a relationship with Mick Jagger at some point.

Angela Bowie, David Bowie Ex Wife, David Bowie Married, David Bowie First Wife, Who Is David Bowie Married To

American model Angela Bowie attends the premiere of the film ‘The Man Who Fell to Earth’, starring her husband David Bowie, at the Leicester Square Theatre in London, 19th March 1976. (Photo by Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Throughout her career, Angela Bowie has been an American cover girl, model, actress and musician. Her father was a mining engineer and Army veteran, but both of her parents sadly died in 1984. After her marriage to Bowie, Angela had a long-term relationship with punk musician Drew Blood and they had a daughter together named Stacia.

On January 5, 2016, Angela Bowie actually entered as a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother. She was informed of David Bowie’s death off-camera, as reported by The Guardian. Angela told Big Brother that:

I haven’t seen him in so many years I can’t make a big drama about it… but I feel an era has ended, it’s so very sad.

She then burst into tears, explaining that an era has ended and the stardust is gone.

In previous episodes of the show, Angela said that her ex David Bowie had turned her son against her and that her other baby daddy doesn’t like her. She then said that perhaps David had told him not to talk to her either.

Clearly, upon hearing the news of his death, she is saddened by his passing and will probably feel regret about those words.

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  1. It sad to hear of David’s I grew up listen to h iou d music. I loved him because e was a daring personality person I loves his custom. He will be missed.

  2. Why don’t people honor past relationships as well? David and Angie had an important time together. They have a son. Once, they were family and then they divorced, but don’t take away the woman’s legitimate right to grieve his passing. Iman is the second wife and the time she and David had together was important. They have a lovely daughter together. It is a time of great loss for them with all due respect. But noone, least of all any of us fans, needs to disrespect any portion or people who were or once were a significant part of the beloved artist’s life. Thank you.

    • The original wording in the title was “first ex-wife”, this is not accurate. I would also point out how exploitative and vile it was for Angela to use David’s passing to create unnecessary drama on Big Brother! No shame!!

      • From your choice of words and exclamation marks – you appear so ‘young’. I doubt she’d have been on that show if she knew he was dying. She was in shock and that’s the way she took it – blaming channel 4 for filming it. David loved her once for who and the way she is and chose to be with her. It’s not for you or anyone to judge.

  3. Obviously the commenter below is young and jus doesn’t know. I was an ardent fan from the beginning and any fan at that time was a fan of Angie’s too. She had a big influence in Ziggys creation and should be respected. She’s telling the truth. He took the money and power from her so she couldn’t change her mind about zowies custody. I loved David but after Ziggy and Halloween and Angie it just wasn’t the same. Sure Low was great Scary Ms but I stopped buying albums. It wasnt the same.