Mayte Garcia, Prince’s Ex-Wife: Photos of the Woman Who Loved Him

Prince’s Family: His Parents, Brothers & Sisters

Prince, the amazing musical legend, had eight siblings. These are photos, tributes, and stories of his brothers and sisters, parents, and extended family.

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Who Is Alfred, Prince’s Older Brother?

Prince's brother, Alfred, influenced him musically and was a Vietnam vet. Alfred and Prince were very similar, but Alfred had to be hospitalized after the war.

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  1. I got married back in the early 80’s a few yrs after Prince’s first albums were released and his songs were so popular and appropriate for my wedding we danced to them all night and got pretty crazy. Every time I hear his songs from the late 70’s to early 80’s it reminds me of my wedding day. Makes me want to cry that he is gone….. so young too.

  2. Now the prince is dead everyone should see that life is short and is important to be saved ask Jesus into your heart today you can’t go to without salvation please ask Jesus into your heart Jesus loves the world he gave his life for the world