‘America’s Got Talent’ 2016 Judges Cuts 1 – Who Made It Through Tonight?

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  1. I very disappointed in the judge tonight after sent though the comedy but the guy with the rube cube went. I think he should have gone through. It was a bad call judge

  2. Who guy won in 2015 won don’t no. Not good.all they needed was another just like Terry. All others won sucked…oh well migh suck but nothing do about. Hope better this yr..

  3. What a crock. This was a set up right from the beginning. I doubt I will be watching next season. Haven’t missed a season yet. So much true talent and look who wins. Some silly little gitl who makes up songs and squeaks. Even the judges were shocked.

  4. Hara is the one And only true act of it’s kind. Hara needs to be put back on the show no matter what the judges say. I truly liked all three
    Of Hara’s acts I still think he should of gotten through. They should change the AGT rules so that good people like Hara can stay on the
    show. I will only watch Hara’s acts forever because his act never dies and will continue on.