Angelina Jolie Files for Divorce From Brad Pitt: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

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On Tuesday, TMZ revealed that Angelina Jolie has filed for divorce from Brad Pitt. The last time the couple was photographed together was in July, when they took their twins, Knox and Vivienne, to breakfast in West Hollywood. Since then, things have gone downhill, and Jolie has said that she doesn’t want joint physical custody of the children with Pitt– just joint legal custody.

Here’s what we know.

1.The Split Was Caused by a Conflict Over the Kids

A source told TMZ, “Angelina’s decision to file has to do with the way Brad was parenting the children … she was extremely upset with his methods.”

Pitt and Jolie have six children together– three of whom were adopted. Jolie’s first child, Maddox, was adopted from a Cambodian orphanage in 2002. After Jolie’s separation from Thornton (which occurred three months after Maddox was adopted), Jolie raised him as a single parent.

The actor/director┬áthen adopted six-month-old Zahara Marley from an orphanage in Ethiopia on July 6, 2006. Pitt and Jolie’s first biological child, Shiloh, was born in 2006, followed by the adoption of three-year-old Pax Thien from Vietnam, and the birth of twins Knox and Vivienne in 2008.

2. Jolie Cited Irreconcilable Differences

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Jolie’s attorney is Laura Wasser, who has represented celebrities like Ryan Reynolds, Heidi Klum, Ashton Kutcher, Christina Aguilera, and Johnny Depp in the past.

Pitt is Jolie’s third husband– she was married to Johnny Lee Miller from 1996-1999, and Billy Bob Thornton from 2000 to 2003.

3. She Wants Physical Custody of the Children

According to TMZ, Jolie does not want joint physical custody of the children, and has asked the judge to give Pitt visitation.

4. There Was No Third Person Involved

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There was no alleged “third person” involved in Jolie’s decision to file for divorce– rather, the split was triggered solely by her feelings about Pitt’s parenting style, according to TMZ.

5. They Had a Combined Net Worth of $425 Million as of 2014

According to Radar, Brad and Angelina have a prenup that was “heavily encouraged by their lawyers” before tying the knot. The agreement includes a strict adultery clause that would give Jolie “a majority of time with their children” if Brad leaves her for someone else.

The agreement also said that if they ever separate, they would each walk away with what they individually earned, and the money that they made together would be put into a trust for their children.

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  1. Something tells me that Brad may be the more stable parent. I’m generally not one to get caught up in celebrity goings on, but it will surely be interesting to see how this turns out.

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