‘Bull’: Meet the Cast of Michael Weatherly’s New Show

‘Bull’ Series Premiere: What Time & Channel Is the Show On?

Michael Weatherly returns to TV tonight, but not in NCIS. Click to find out when his new show, Bull, debuts.

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  1. The show was interesting. There is always a process to thinking further into a situation, which I love. Not to mention Michael Weatherly is pretty easy on the eye. I am sold on this show each week.

  2. I hate this show, even though I am a fan of Michael Weatherly. This is about jury consultants who should be banned by law from manipulating the outcome of trials. This is exactly how
    O.J. Simpson beat the system and got away with murder. I’m sure this show will only focus on the innocent being saved from a guilty verdict, when in reality, the ones who seek this service the most are the sick criminals who can pay the hefty fees of these bottom dwelling consultants to also beat the system. I will not be watching another episode.