Who Won ‘America’s Got Talent’ Season 7 Tonight?

On tonight’s grand finale of America’s Got Talent 2016, the winner of the season and the million-dollar prize was revealed … Grace Vanderwaal.

The episode was filled with performances from each of the top 10 finalists, who collaborated with past performers, special celebrity guests and current cast memberes as well. Tape Face used four of the male finalists to assist in his act. Meanwhile, The Clairvoyants brought Paula Abdul on as a part of their performance. The remaining 10 contestants included:

Comedian Mime Tape Face

Magician Jon Dorenbos

Juggler Viktor Kee

Opera Singer Laura Bretan

Singer Grace Vanderwaal

Crooner Sal Valentinetti

Contorionist Sofie Dossi

Singer Brian Justin Crum

Vocal Group Linkin’ Bridge

Mentalists The Clairvoyants

Part of the way through tonight’s finale, the top 10 acts were narrowed down to the top 5. As the acts were revealed, the judges appeared nervous and jittery in their seats. And the top 5 consisted of … Sal Valentinetti, Jon Dorenbos, Singer Grace Vanderwaal, The Clairvoyants and Brian Justin Crum.

The act who finished in fifth place tonight was Sal, followed by Brian Justin Crum in fourth place. Both singers told host Nick Cannon that the experience on the show has been amazing and that this is just the beginning for each of them. Mel B gushed that she wants front row seats whenever Crum has his first big concert. Less than 1% of the votes separated the top three finalists tonight. And, the person in third place was Jon Dorenbos, which appeared to shock the judges. The left Grace Vanderwaal up against The Clairvoyants, but it was Grace Vanderwaal who won.

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      • You took the words right out of my mouth! I blame the judges for her winning which is utterly disgraceful. My sympathy to all of the real talents of the show.

        • I can not totally agree with you….but calling Grace and her abilities a “disgrace” is not fair! I loved her all along, but I did have my sights on Sal, who would have had a sensational Vegas show, or one of the magicians, especially the ex-football player, or the Clairevoyants!

          But how Tape face got as far as he did was ridiculous! He was funny sometimes, but irritating most of the time! I believe it is not the judges entirely who determine the final say on who wins! I loved Grace because she was totally different in her style, she writes her own music and puts music TO it! She is only 12 years old! Did you do all this when you were 3? She has been given that unique talent for a reason and I rejoice FOR her! She will only get better as she ages and matures!

          All your and other negative comments are what hurt feelings, for which she will have to learn to brush off and just believe in herself. She won, get over it! Don’t watch next year…it is your choice! We all will see how she hits the charts and maybe she WILL be the next Taylor Swift! Think of Alanis Morrosette as an example of having her very own style…but she made it!

        • The judges don’t vote D. A… The people in America voted only. Be disappointed in your judgment and lack of ability to judge. Most Americans said Grace is the best. Live with it. She actually was the best by the way.

  1. After many years as a professional performer working with some of the best talents in Night Clubs, Musicals and Opera, I cannot imagine sharing the stage at any time in my career with this less than talented child, , It is impossible for me to let this rigged America’s Got “Talent?” show bathe in supposed glory for having crowned the very least talented of all the contestants..My wife and I repent for having ever watched this farce. Nine truly talented acts were dumped. viciously. We will never watch this farce again unless stringent changes protect the truly talented from the rigged vote that prevailed,

    • You hit the nail on the head. I could not believe what had happened. I thought she was singing in a foreign language until i recognize two English words. I will not be watching that show again. I stopped watching American Idol, before it went off the air, for this same reason.

    • I am so glad that so many others feel the same as I do! Of all the extremely talented people in the finals, how in Gods’ name did the very least talented one win? Her voice was awful and I was shocked she made it as far as she did! I am done with that show, and I hope they go straight down because of this!!!!

    • I so agree…………my husband and I are shocked by the lack of talent results. She never should have even been in the top 10; the other 9 finalists were so awesome, she shouldn’t even have shared the stage with them.

      • Exactly!! She shouldn’t even have gotten thru after 1st audition. My family and I were watching and when she got the golden buzzer we were all in shock and thought Howie had a stroke and hit it by accident. 😂

    • I totally agree. This was crazy and I will never watch this show again. The voting was crazy. You could vote 10 times for each performer. If everyone voted ten times for each performer, that means it could have been a 10 way tie. You should only be able to vote one time for one performer.

    • I could not have said it better . . . what a disappointment, I am curious to know how the judges thought this little girl had that amount of talent? I could not understand the words of her songs nor my students, so what is the criteria for placing her at the top? If AGT is rigged then it needs civil action. If america thinks this is a winning act then america needs a hearing test. Really bad judging ! ! ! she should not even been in the top 10. As a music teacher a I am so surprised that at least 3 of the judges allowed this to happen.

  2. extremely disappointed the clairvoyants should have one….. a 12 year old in vegas?? I could not understand one song she sang,

    • I agree the clairvoyants should have won. A 12 year old with a headliner show in Vegas? Who is going to see her…other 12 year olds??

    • first of all, you’re an idiot because i believe you meant to say “the clairvoyants WON” idiot. leave the girl alone. she’s talented. dont be salty because you’re a talentless oaf. ya nasty

    • I agree, this was very shocking, I liked her a lot, but found her to be very naive and not Vegas material. Most adults want to see all the glitz and lights in a Vegas act. I couldn’t understand anything this young lady sang. How is she going to handle this? I feel she is too young and not fair to the other very talented people that were age appropriate.

  3. All the haters can’t understand why Grace Vanderwaal won AGT. That’s because you don’t understand the concept of genuine talent. Stevie Nicks’ voice is similar in a way to Grace’s voice. Neither has a technically great voice, but they do have unique voices. Ten years from now Grace Vanderwaal will be very popular, just wait and see. On the other hand, the Clairvoyants should never have been allowed on the show to begin with. Intelligent people will understand that statement and the clueless will not.

    • Every song she sings sounds the same. Doesn’t matter if you can make out the words or not. I would not pay 2 cents to listen to that for an hour.

    • We shouldn’t HAVE to UNDERSTAND. Enjoying someone’s talent is not a scholarly experience; it’s instinctive. Yes, she may be popular ten years from now, but that’s kind of our point: she’s not NOW. While her voice is distinctive and has a wonderful smoky sound to it, and yes, she’s a talented writer, she’s too young to handle her own voice. It cracks too much without following through notes, etc. There’s no variety yet, either, and, I could be wrong, but she didn’t seem hungry or want it with all her heart and soul, like many of the others. She was just out for a good time, what the heck. She hadn’t really earned it like they had. Not to mention, I’m embarrassed just to think of a little girl with her ukelele (spelling?) sharing the Vegas stage with seasoned professionals. That’s not the type of thing people go to Vegas to watch. What were Howie & Simon smoking when they hyped her like that? Brian, Sal, and Malevo would have been perfect Vegas acts and I hope they all do get some kind of contract with them. Those people have paid their dues and wanted it so bad they could taste it. Grace is a sweet little girl with talent that will blossom when she’s older, but I’m afraid all she tastes right now are popsicles as she sits in that million dollar tree house of hers. It’s not fair to the others who’ve been working for years at this dream, including Jayne, who is VERY talented–she should have been in the finals instead of Grace or tapeface–and she has some experience compared to Grace. Actually, it’s not even fair to Grace who’s too young for instant fame. When would she even have time to do everything expected of her? She goes to school. The others had prepared and were ready for this moment NOW. I don’t mean to hurt Grace’s feelings; she WILL be wonderful some day, I’m sure. But now is not her time; It’s a shame for the others whose time it was..

  4. I was very annoyed at the results of America Got Talent last night. They had better singer than Grace and even better acts than Grace. I really think the show is already fixed from the very beginnig.

  5. The result if the “America has voted” is the verdict to degrading level of intelligence and the taste of the American public. Only American rednecks. Only rednecks wouldn’t name Laura Bretan – a fenominal talent – a winner. And only imbeciles wouldn’t vote for Sal Valentinetti – naturally born Senatra.

  6. As a lifelong musician and entertainer, I can’t imagine anyone surpassing the extraordinary talent of Laura Bretan.
    Yes, Grace Vanderwaal is a very talented young lady, like millions of others her age.
    If I want to see a great magician show, I’ll watch Penn and Teller Fool us.
    Laura is truly phenominal. I am so disappointed with this show.

  7. I have no idea if the show was rigged as some have posted but it does seem many don’t understand the process. If the show is legit, people not the show owners, phoned, emailed,texted, used other media to to vote for the act they wanted to win it. I doubt that the voters cared about the Vegas show part of it. That’s it plain and simple. No need to degrade people because you disagree. I thought it ironic that a show titled America’s Got Talent had 4 foreign born judges and countless acts from foreign countries. Should have called Talent from Around the World

  8. The mentalists should have won. Who in their right mind if they are in Vegas and want to see a good show would spent on a 12 year old who can’t sing.

  9. I am greatly saddened that the winner, Grace, was the victor. With all the talent left at the end for her to come out the winner is mind boggling. So much talent and grace was the winner? I cannot believe some numbers went awry.

  10. I am greatly saddened that the winner, Grace, was the victor. With all the talent left at the end for her to come out the winner is mind boggling. So much talent and grace was the winner? I cannot believe some numbers went awry.

  11. I have lost all faith in humanity!! The least talented won!! I wouldn’t spend 1 cent to see her preform anywhere!! I loved all the other acts who were so much more deserving!

    • I agree….they would have to pay me to go see her….sings out of tune, can not understand the words…just the worst. Any of the remaining 10 should have won over her

  12. So many talented performers it was difficult to decide on your favorite. I wanted Brian, Viktor, Lincoln Bridge, even Sal but not Grace. She is a young girl who I don’t believed could carry a Vegas show by herself. She picked up fans along the way by going viral. I would have preferred the Argentine dancers, at least they had an act fit for the Vegas stage. So now what!

  13. I think 12 year olds voted and they live on their phones more than adults ! How does a 12 year old work in Vegas I think working age is at least 16 !!!

  14. I was disappointed with the winner. She is NOT a Las Vegas act. I would be surprised if anyone would go to her show in Vegas. No personality at all. I did not understand what she was singing. The Clairvoignts should have won if it was between her and them.

  15. Hard to believe the result. Feel badly for the truly talented acts who were passed over. There’s no ‘hate’ in the comment at all. Grace did not count the votes nor did she influence the result in a devious way. Not her fault. All she did was perform. But those who thought her performance was above the rest and voted for that act might want to review the footage of all the performances and just take a better look.

  16. Between sytycd and now this I’m convinced that America has zero common sense when spotting talent. This girl was the least talented out of the top ten and I have no idea why she won. I highly doubt she will be able to fill the venue in Las Vegas . She’s cute and all but far less deserving than many if the other acts

  17. This child is 12 and has many years to become a star! The clairvoyants were the obvious winners. Hopefully someone in the entertainment world will give them an even better contract. Very disappointed in AGT judges for putting her in with the finalist.

  18. I am so very disappointed in AGT judges. AGT had so many truly talented people way better than this 12 year old child so why did they push this kid all the way to the finalists. My favorite was the singer Brian Justin Crum and the vocal group Linkin’ Bridge who have struggled and worked so hard and deserved to win. I liked the clairvoyants too, but am suspicious that her talent was fake although somehow cleverly disguised. These are adults with responsibilities and bills to pay! If I were Grace’s parents, I would have discussed this fact with her ahead of the final results and should she win, have her decline and pass the trophy on to the 2nd place talent. I just hope the other finalists will get picked up by someone in the entertainment business.

  19. You people are idiots. You don’t think Simon Cowell knows true talent? She is the most prolific song writer I’ve seen in years and I’m a professional singer/songwriter. Congratulations Grace…America got it right!

    • You are an idiot! How could you tell she is a prolific song writer if you couldn’t understand the words? Give me a break. There was much more talented contestants than her. I’d hate to hear the songs you have written.

    • I agree sjsongbird. I think she is a brilliant song writer, and I love her singing style. I am appalled at the people who would speak about a 12-year-old the way many people have on this thread. AND to compare her to Trump is unbelievable! She is very talented and her singing is unique, and she has a very good personality. Why is everyone so up in the air over a talent show. Someone voted for her.

  20. The same people who voted for Grace are the same people who are going to vote for Donald. Let us pray the World can survive this travesty.

    • I wholeheartedly agree with you. If Trump wins the election, I think I’ll move to Canada. He’s going to ruin this country big time because he is nothing but a greedy racist baby who can’t take criticism.

  21. Absolutely shocked!!! All it took was Simon saying she’s the next Taylor Swift. A 12 year old having a show in Vegas is crazy. I would not pay a penny to listen to someone I can’t understand. Clairvoyance should have won!!! They would sell out shows in Vegas!!! Do not believe the votes were not fixed some way!

  22. Grace Vanderwaal should have never won this….made the whole show worth nothing in the end. Any of the remaining of the 10 top performers should have won over her…so sorry for them and all the work they put into their acts. She can not sing…can not understand a word she sings…and who would pay to see her…they would have to pay me to go see the act!! AGT get it together!! Putting this act through in the beginning was stupid!!

  23. The problem is that we were left with 10 acts. This watered down the voting which the vast majority went to the 9 other acts. The final show should be no more than 4

  24. i will never watch this show again it is rigged there is no comparison to the 2 male singers with this child it is not based on talent do not think judgs should be voicing opinions during finals how will this child have a vegas show there are child labor laws cannot she won fairly

  25. You are all so wrong, not in your opinions, but in the way you choose to celebrate talent. For those who whine about others having more talent. Go and support them. If it takes them to get out on stage for a “stupid show” then there is not enough support for them. Go cry somewhere else.

  26. I was very disappointed in the winner. I wanted so much for Sal to win. He has a great voice and personality too. I could never understand the words that Grace was singing – ever.