Who Won ‘Masterchef’ Season 7 Tonight?

On tonight’s finale for season 7 of Masterchef, the winner was finally chosen. And the winner is … Shaun O’Neale.

The top 3 cooks competed, creating their own three-course menus to impress the judges in hopes of winning a trophy, a book deal and a prize of $250,000. Prior to the official competition on the episode tonight, the judges ventured out to visit the finalists and find out what they had in store for their menus. Each of the contestants wanted to stick to their roots and personal style with their cooking yet show their growth on the show and try new things as well.

The three remaining chefs left in the competition tonight included school teacher Brandi Mudd, Vegas DJ Shaun O’Neale and poker player David Williams.

As for the guest judges, the two famous faces who appeared were Wolfgang Puck and Daniel Boulud.

When it came to critiquing the food tonight, the judges had several debates when it came to their individual thoughts on each of the dishes. While the contestants took the judges’ criticisms fairly well, there was a moment when Shaun rubbed the judges the wrong way. Shaun felt he needed to defend his dish and Gordon Ramsay thought he had come off arrogant. At one point in the cooking process, contestant David nearly fell apart, fumbling his dish. It was definitely a challenging finale.

‘Masterchef’ Season 7 Cast: Top 20 Contestants 2016

Tonight is episode 3 from season 7 of Masterchef with the top 20 contestants competing. Two cast members will be eliminated and Wolfgang Puck judges.

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  1. Every week we were looking forward to see the show, big talent during the year, BUT we are really disappointed with the outcome, we don’t believe that the reflects American opinion, next season we know better to watch this rigged show and we expect DD to notice….

    • An arrogant jerk wins masterchef and the 2 best chefs lose which just goes to show you the show is rigged and the judges do not know their head from their asses

  2. I’m so glad Shawn won! He did the best out of them all! While he did screw up the appetizer that’s probably the least important part of the meal I would rather have my meal start off bad and end great then start great and end bad. David’s list was creative but he just wasn’t good enough to nail the ideas he had. And Brandi while she did have a good idea for a desert and messed up on it her appetizer and entree were to similar and not very creative. I was soooooooo angry at last seasons winner and still am cause Claudia clearly did not deserve to win and almost made me quit watching the series. But I have watched all the seasons including masterchef junior as well and Claudia winning season 6 is literally the only thing I have ever disagreed with so I decided to watch this season and know for certain if they do play favorites because I think they favored Brandi. After last season I was certain Brandi would win because they seemed to favor her but no they gave it to the person who actually did the best and deserved it I don’t judge based by favorites but by who actually did the best based on how creative the dish is how they nailed it and just how good they are overall and I think Shawn was just that! Congratulations Shawn! You deserved to win!

  3. Very disappointed that Brandy didn’t win… Shawn is very arrogant! Totally full of himself and somewhat disrespectful! Didn’t like him from day one!

    • This is a cooking competition. Not a personality contest. Brandy was very fun and overall a good cook. But she by trying to stay true to her roots she made many mistakes.

  4. I did not watch the show last night, after the nonsense of last week. After reading the comments I am glad and I will not watch the re-play. I totally agree that they need to get the former judges back, I loved Joe and he did not play favorites as it appears Ramsey does, although it is his show. This show needs to make some changes to try to bring it back to where it was in previous years. The talent of chefs is getting better so I think that the program needs to improve. Just my opinion but I do not know if I will watch next season

  5. VERY disappointed with the choice of winner, Shaun is an arrogant SOB. He sure knew how to turn on the watery eyes or tears when the time was right. Feel sorry for the staff that will have to work with him, they may walk out. I did not like him from the beginning either, Terry should not have been let go so early in the contest.

  6. Shaun as a good chef with a poor attitude. I’m really surprised those “Top Chefs” didn’t take him to task for his cocky disrespect. Very disappointing…thought Brandi was the best overall, didn’t seem like Christina wanted her though.

  7. Does anyone know Shaun? Does him being passionate about his craft make him an “arrogant SOB” who doesn’t deserve to win? If so, what can we say about David and his continual temper tantrums? While I just chalked that up to him being stressed out and passionate about his craft, it didn’t make me NOT want him to win either. I liked Brandi and her story, but I thought that as far as home cooks went, Shaun was the best out there in terms of taking risks, plating techniques and creativity. I was concerned that the chefs were going to give it Brandi as a way to “play to what America wanted” like they did Claudia last season, and I feel that Derrick was robbed of the title by a mediocre “cook”. Congratulations Shaun on your well deserved win, everyone else, stop your whining…..

    • last year judging was shit but this nail with 2 famous chefs likw Daniel Boulud and Wolfgang Puck , they dont dare to repeat the fiasco of last year.All Top Chef are cocky in a way, if you are humble and not passionate and defend your food you would never be one, so Shaun is a rightful winner as he is cocky sure of himself!!

    • Right on! I agree 100% Congrats Shaun!!! David clearly couldn’t handle it. Shaun is the best cook regardless of whether you liked his personality. The best cook won!

  8. Shaun was consistently good all season, and interesting. His venison forest-themed entree was a “dream”. Yes I loved Brandi too but she was too plain for Master Chef. It’s not a personality contest, it’s a cooking contest. The right person won.

  9. Wasn’t happy with the outcome of this show. Especially when Christina made comment telling Shaun his tart was the $250,000 winner and the looks on the other two contestants faces when she said. May not watch this show again.

  10. I can’t believe Shawn won. Who ever works under him will Hate him. So sad I’m done watching Master Chef. I THOUGHT it was suppose to be about great cooks and nice people. đŸ˜¢đŸ˜¢đŸ˜¢

    • where does it say nice people? It’s a cooking show. I really didn’t think Shaun was that bad. David was horrible. Way too emotional and liked to blame people. I prefer Shaun’s personality over that.

  11. I think all the chef’s did great….
    My problem lies with one of the judges….at the moment I can’t think if HER name….but I think SHE is the weak link in the show! What is a pastry chef doing sitting next to three absolute icons, opening her mouth about anything other than pastries, or desserts, is a joke!
    If she is on the next master chef show, I will not watch it!!!

    • I like Shaun. He deserves to win. He is not arrogant, he is just a passionate cook. It is totally right, Masterchef is not a personality contest, it is cooking the best dish and Shaun did just that! I watched all the episodes, he deserves to win!

  12. Can anyone please tell me Shaun’s culinary point of view?? Using “high end” ingredients is not a culinary point of view. Every “risk” he took was using a tired trend in the modern culinary world: liquid nitrogen, uni foam, etc. his food lacked real heart and soul. Very dissappointing to watch him win. His game was clearly a superficial one with all types of bells and whistles in his food, taunting of other contestants, and turning the waterworks on. I hope others saw past all this. Great plating but this is not Master Plater.

    • Amen! I thought foam and plate smears were passĂ©. I think Brandi should have won because she didn’t have any error or flaw that all judges agreed on. The French judge likes her madeleines! Shaun PICKLED mushrooms and the judges all agreed that was a huge error. Brandi made perfect pork belly, perfect duck (the French judge wanted to eat all of her entree, remember), and the only issue with her dessert was something the judges didn’t agree on.

      After Derek lost, and now this, I’m done. (Unless Joe and Graham return…)

  13. All chefs our arrogant when it comes to there food glad Shawn won. In a true kitchen David would have been gone when he walked out truly surprised when Gordon went out after him, Brando is cute an a great cook / Think she should come back next year with all the experience she learn this year/

    • That’s funny, I thought the exact thing!, I’m like girl, you’re obviously a talented/creative chef but you seriously need someone to dress you. Good Lord. How can she talk presentation and then dress like she shops sales at marshals. Weird

  14. I really enjoy watching Master Chef; that is except for this episode. I felt that all three honestly busted their butts the entire way, but only Brandi continually excelled. And Brandi competed with class (no punt meant) and not once should a side that was anything but pleasant. I cannot say this for Shaun or David. So who I felt should have been in then the top 3 – it would have been Brandi, Shaun, and Terry. Brandi and Terri were great cooks and a class-act and would have kicked Shaun’s butt if the judging was fair. Brandi – you are fantastic and should go out and publish your own cookbook; it will be 100% worth the money. Shaun, you are very confident and that is great, but in the show – you came off arrogant and self-righteous and that made watching difficult at times for me. Producers, go back to what is right – competition based on achieving and excelling.

    PS: To the author of “Anonymous” – are Shaun’s mother or Shaun himself? You should watch the episodes, you really came off like a jerk a lot of the time.

  15. david should have never been in the finale,,,he walked out and gave up at one point.if it was not for gordon he would be gone!someone who didnt give up deserved to be in the finale

  16. I think it went down probably like it was supposed to. I watched the whole season and Sean/Brandy were the most consistent to deliver technically and creatively. David is obviously talented technically/creatively but he was up/down, super inconsistent and way too emotionally volatile. Needs to grow in that area. I think it was probably hard to choose between Sean/Brandi…but in the end Sean pushed boundaries more creatively and I think the judges went with that. They were all phenomenal, but I’ve never watched the whole season like I did this time!

  17. Brandi had 2 outstanding dishes and her dessert presentation was great. She should have won. I’m very disappointed with the decision. It seemed like it was rigged.

  18. Brandi had 2 outstanding dishes and her dessert presentation was great. She should have won. I’m very disappointed with the decision. It seemed like it was rigged.

  19. Bottomline, it had to be a “male” masterchef winner this time. Until now, there was one male who won MC USA. Shaun is a talented cook plus “luck” played a big role.

  20. I don’t know why in almost 50 comments no one said this… But your opinion is meaningless because none of you could eat the food. It’s a cooking show, i.e. it’s based on the actual taste of the food. None of us could taste the food. So we can all have our favorites and say someone was robbed… But you can’t tell from looking at a dish if it’s oversalted or undercooked or even if it’s poisoned. Trying to claim we are smarter than the judges on who should win in this contest is the same as going to Google and typing in how you feel and then deciding to diagnose yourself because you’re now an expert Doctor. You are no more qualified to be a doctor and diagnose yourself based on google searches then you are to make assumptions about food you can’t taste. Also, Gordon Ramsay aside and whether there’s favoritism or not, Wolfgang Puck does not play favorites and the French cook is world renowned… So even if you hate Christina and think Ramses an ass, three of those chefs excluding Christina are world renowned chef’s. They have to know at least more than the rest of us combined if not beyond our imaginations. There’s a reason they chose those judges and not middle America… You can complain all you want but unless you can actually taste the food you’re screaming at the TV like a crazy person pretending you know more than the people actually there who are experts in their field. It’s like when we watch the Olympics and we watch world renowned gymnasts do extraordinary routines and we sit on our couch eating chips complaining she should’ve tucked her feet. The idea that us on our couch having never done gymnastics at even a elite level let alone being at Olympian level would know anymore about tucking feet then we would commenting on food we can’t taste while some of the top chefs in the world who are at “Olympian” level in food try to explain to the audience how it tastes and if it’s successful or not. since none of us will ever be able to go back in time and taste the food, none of us really know Beyond what the judges said who was really successful and who should’ve won.

    • Oh please! Go back to your facebook buddies, cuz whether or not the audience is unable to taste the food, we are intelligent enough to see the personality shine through.

  21. Concur he is the most arrogant person and worst choice. No one will want to work for or with him & you can’t teach him anything because he knows it all. Nor will I want to go to buy his book or where he works to eat his food. At least the others had good ideas and you can work with the,. Let’s face it a kitchen doesn’t succeed with one person. It is a team.

  22. Only reason Shaun won is cuz a single mom won last year [which was totally rigged!) If not it would have definitely Brandi this year, who totally deserved it!

  23. The judges’ praise of Shaun for serving his entree on a wooden board is one of the stupidest things I’ve seen on this show. And yet, most people seem to be falling for it. Brandi should have won.