‘Dancing With the Stars’ Season 23 Remaining Contestants – 10/3/2016

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  1. Jullianne is very prejudice when it comes to her brother, just look at the scores so far tonight she just gave a 8 after what amber said about her. no surprise there.

  2. I am very disappointed with Baby face’s performance. That was the wrong song for the tango. I believe it messed up the dance for him and resulted in bad scores. Not fair at all

  3. I agree with the dance baby face danced to, the music does not match the dancing, why???? N this is not the first time

  4. As a viewer from Canada I am very unhappy that I cannot vote as in previous seasons. You have just lost a loyal viewer.

    • Holy mackerel! You mean they’ve stripped you of your voting rights?! :(

      There must be a reason. Who’s in charge here?! The Brits, of course.

  5. Did not like the “circus” theme. They were all over the place. They distracted from the dancing competition forcing you to look at them.

  6. Julianne is a hypocrite. She performed on “Lip Sync” battle and quite frankly not only was I shocked but very uncomfortable and did not think after her performance to that XXX rated song she would be asked back on DWTS. Shouldn’t throw rocks when you live in a glass house and pretend like you are Miss Goody Two Shoes.