Darnell Nicole & Reshad Jones – ‘WAGS Miami’
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Darnell Nicole & Reshad Jones – ‘WAGS Miami’


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Mr Jones you care for your body daily right? You try to be as well fed and healthy as is possible! You quickly take care of any needs or desires that you may have right. Any sexual desire as a husband should be cared for with your wife, in the same way care for your wife’s needs and well being should ministry! Feel your wife’s pain and illnesses and rejoice in her health and happiness as if it were your own life. A husband must see his wife’s desires and make supreme efforts to meet those needs as well.
Basically, her needs or desires, whether they are financial, physical, emotional or spiritual, she must receive your full attention in this way you can love her and provide for her just as much as you do for yourself my brother!


Hey girl!!! rashad wants his ring back? Ask him if he ia able to give you back all the love and time you have invested in him!!! Keep your dignity and dont let that man humiliate you. How can a man humiliate the womem he supposedly loves in national television…..speachless as a women i fill offended by that person, if you can call him that!!!

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