David Muir Wife News: Is Muir Gay, Straight, Dating?

M. Lamar, Laverne Cox’s Identical Twin Brother: The Photos You Need to See

Laverne Cox's identical twin brother, M Lamar, plays the pre-transitioning Sophia on Orange Is the New Black. Check out photos of Lamar here.

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  1. My money is on gay as hell. He is obviously owned by the DNC, as most gays are. They tend to focus on their own passions, such as weenie washing, rather than focus on the state of the country or of their own State. California can be on fire, bankrupt, overrun with foreigners or being mismanaged by fools, it does not phase them (or him) from his personal gay agenda. Liberals (especially media people) think it’s all about personal satisfaction, deviation and defying their conservative parents. They are usually holders of fairly easy to obtain degrees from liberal crap colleges. Muir fits that mold exactly, so I’m going with the idea that he munches his supper out of some other man’s shorts. He makes me sick either way. Such a puke!

    • No gays don’t join the RNC because they pass anti-gay laws. Have you looked at the background of a Republican candidates rally? 99.9% white. Republicans have done an “autopsy” on why they lost after McCain’s run. Everything that was recommended was tossed aside and ignored. The Republican party has shattered into a million paranoid pieces and the DNC has not. You can not insult gays, women, muslims, hispanics and align yourselves with Nazi’s, KKK, Steve Hammond, Brietbart and other Fringe elements and expect them to join your party. Take responsibility, quit blaming other people and trying to tear down this country. Face it, you’ve handcuffed yourselves to a dead hooker named Trump and you expect people to join you. Bye the way you cheapen the lives of the victims of Bengazi by using their lives and service to our currently Awesome Country. Pick up a book, go to school. Your being ignorant and foolish. GROW UP the world is changing (for the better), if your not part of the solution, your part of the problem. Join the positive people in the world and this country or crawl under your rock because the world will go on with or with out you. P.S. Why is it republicans chant “repeal and replace” but have yet to put forth ANYTHING? You can blame your republican house and senate for the way things are in your world because of OBSTRUCTION, yes my fellow American, I deal in facts. I encourage you to do the same.

      • I must admit I am appalled by both the authors of the two posts above concerning an accomplished journalist. I personally believe no individual should be discounted or judged by their lifestyle, color, or political party. Do I agree with the gay lifestyle? No, but I do believe that what is important is integrity, honesty, faithfulness, patience. While I do not agree with a lifestyle, I can still see the individual for who they are…not what they do in their bedrooms. Whether David Muir’s personal life is or isn’t something that I would agree with, and none of us know what that is, he really does a fine job on the aforementioned program. Shame on you both.

        • Judith Davis: your ‘concerned citizen’ rant is liberal political correctness at its worst. Trump’s campaign was built up precisely against this brand of PC blandness.