Eugenia Cooney: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Eugenia Cooney

Cooney pictured on her Facebook page.

A petition has been set up to demand that YouTube remove one of its most popular vloggers over concerns she might have an eating disorder. At the time of writing, a Change.org petition has over 16,000 signatures all pleading with YouTube to have Eugenia Cooney removed from the site over health concerns. According to her channel, Cooney, who lives in Upstate New York has nearly 1 million subscribers. Her vlogs typically deal with style and fashion tips.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Creator of the Petition Says That Cooney ‘Has a Serious Medical Condition & Needs to Seek Help’

According to ATTN, “Petitioners have expressed concern that Cooney’s thin appearance is sending a bad message to young fans.” While the creator of the petition says that Cooney “has a serious medical condition and needs to seek help.”

The creator, Lynn Cloud, adds, “She knows that she’s influencing young teenage girls into thinking being 60 lbs. is normal. It’s most definitely not. Ever since she has moved out of her mother’s house recently, she has been getting skinnier and skinnier. This clearly isn’t a ‘high metabolism’ or any other type of losing body weight uncontrollably condition.”

While Cooney appeared to address the controversy in a recent video saying, “I just don’t really feel like that’s ever really a good thing to do to people, guys. If anything, the whole situation has been kind of upsetting. I’m doing OK, because I’m used to getting hate on the internet. Seeing a lot of dislikes, I just really feel like that’s not going to make anyone feel good.”

Eugenia Cooney Photos: Pictures of ‘Skinny’ YouTuber

Nearly 20,000 people have signed an online petition begging a popular vlogger to get help with a perceived eating disorder.

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2. An April 2016 Video Had Some Viewers Wondering if Cooney Had Made an Admission About an Eating Disorder

In April 2016, Cooney was reported to have inadvertantley admitted to having an eating disorder. She says in the clip, ” “I’m just kind of naturally like that, I guess. There isn’t really a reason.” On her Ask.fm page in 2015, Cooney was asked what she ate to which she replied, “I have a disorder.”

Eugenia Cooney Ask.fm page


Although when another user openly asked if she was anorexic, Cooney replied, “I don’t gain weight.” When another asked the same question, Cooney wrote, “Well in a way.”

To another question regarding her weight, Cooney says, “Yes of course I’ve seen doctors. They said I don’t gain weight no matter how much I eat.”

3. She Has Declined an Appearance on Dr. Phil to Talk About Her Weight

Eugenia Cooney Facebook page


In Cooney’s video, where she appeared to address the controversy, she says that she declined an offer to appear on Dr. Phil to discuss her weight. A whole section of the TV doctor’s website is dedicated to those with eating disorders. Earlier in October 2016, Dr. Angie Viets wrote in a blog for the Huffington Post, asking Dr. Phil to “stop triggering people with eating disorders in an attempt to improve ratings.” Verts adds, “For the love of God, I lost count of how many times you showed those precious girls raising their shirts to show your camera crew how emaciated they are, their protruding collar bones, and rib cage. They wore the least amount of clothes allowable on network TV to highlight their fragile physical state. It was troubling the number of times they’re shown bingeing and purging in the bathroom. And then, to make matters worse, you allow their parents to discuss the girls’ dramatic weight loss in NUMBERS, including their weight prior to the onset of the eating disorder and current weight.”

Eugenia Cooney Photos: Pictures of ‘Skinny’ YouTuber

Nearly 20,000 people have signed an online petition begging a popular vlogger to get help with a perceived eating disorder.

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4. One of Cooney’s Most Popular Videos Showed Her Mother Giving the Vlogger a Makeover

Some of Cooney’s most popular videos deal with her and her mother’s relationship. The pair appeared in one video where Cooney gave her mother a “goth” makeover, while in another, Cooney received a “preppy” makeover from her mother. One vlogger, Koda James, opined in October 2016 that Cooney’s mother may have something to do with her daughter’s weight issues.

A view of Cooney’s mother makeover videos from Little Things said, “At first glance, you might think Eugenia dark clothing, fingerless gloves, and heavy eyeliner put her at odds with her gleefully, peppy, blonde-haired mother. However, you’ll quickly notice that two have a lot of love, admiration, and respect for each other.”

Cooney grew up in Connecticut with her mother and brother, Chip.

5. Around 30 Million Americans Suffer From Eating Disorders

The National Association of Anorexia Nervosa and Associated Disorders says on their website that 30 million Americans are affected by eating disorders. The website adds that such disorders are particularly prevalent among women. The website adds, “People with negative body image have a greater likelihood of developing an eating disorder and are more likely to suffer from feelings of depression, isolation, low self-esteem, and obsessions with weight loss.”

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  1. The only thing banned was the petition for violation of change.org’s terms of service, and rightly so. YouTube would have never “banned” her anyhow. They would then have to ban every overweight YouTuber as well.

    • Seeing an overwight YouTuber doesn’t inspire others to become overweight. There is plenty of information out there on why people overeat – it is based on complex societal and biological factors. It is not because they saw someone heavy and were driven to look like them.

      This girl is directly inspiring teens to see her as a goal. Some who already have eating disorders are convinced they are not ‘thin enough’ because she is being held out as a status symbol. There are plenty of documented posts specific to this YouTuber. Role models like this do directly contribute to disordered eating.

      So your analogy is terrible.

      • Oh so seeing fat person doesn’t drive anyone to aspire to look like it, but seeing literal pile of bones looks so attractive and inspires everyone to starve themselves? You sound like fat tumblr blogger lmao.

        • You don’t get it. You sound like a man.
          People who get eating disorders, often young girls, have low self esteem. After watching skinny people for long enough, your brain begins to normalize them and then says “Hey, hey, that’s not what you look like. You have to look like that. Stop eating.” And the media & society don’t help either with ads showing off ribcages and hipbones and flat stomachs, Internet stars with emaciated frames, and easy-to-access “pro ana” and “pro mia” websites.

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    • why anorexia? I have been in hospital with pancreatitis and I look more skinny than she looks. Yea and I have the same, anorexia, drugs, vegetarian, etc. People who say such a things oviously have no brain and we are not about to kill them… why people cant think for a while, or at least live and let live. Do you know how many things medical or not might be the cause? I do not know. Do you? For god sake, this is for doctors to discuss. Not brainless dummies spamming internet. Probably envious fat dudes.


        It doesn’t matter what the cause, when a person is dying, YOU GET THEM HELP.

        You were not skinner than that because of pancreatitis! Skinnier than that is DEAD.

        You obviously have some sick love of disease and that’s fine but don’t stand in someone else’s way of getting help.

        Btw, female here. The 5’8 120lbs. It doesn’t take someone else with a sickness to want to see someone someone get help. See, some people just naturally care about the wellbeing of others, unlike yourself.

        • Yeah, send the cops to her house so she can refuse their help because she doesn’t want any.
          Get over yourself. You can’t help someone that doesn’t want to help themselves.
          You don’t know her circumstances at all. She could legitimately just have a really fast metabolism. Whatever the case, she’s happy with herself so why can’t you just give it a rest? So obnoxious. She has heard it enough from all of you. You can’t force this on her.

          • Don’t be daft. She has an eating disorder, not a fast metabolism. She is emaciated and, if she doesn’t seek help, her organs will fail.

          • The truth of the matter is that anyone can ask the police to do a welfare check on someone else. The police dispatch a crisis intervention and management team that normally includes officers with compassionate care training, along with a social worker to help determine if professional intervention is appropriate. In California, for instance, there is a procedure known as a 5150, that grants authority for “a qualified officer or clinician to involuntarily confine a person suspected to have a mental disorder that makes them a danger to themselves, a danger to others, and/or gravely disabled,” and any honest person with a shred of concern for a fellow human, who sees this young woman (she describes herself as 5′ 9″ and 84 pounds) would have to agree that she appears to be not only on the verge of serious illness and/or death, but in extreme denial. That anyone could believe she is “naturally” barely more than a skeleton with a layer of skin, whose makeup and clothes look to weigh more than her muscle and fat, is baffling. I am in my 40’s and have experienced anorexia and food self-restriction since I was 14, as well as watching my sister battle food and weight issues. Additionally, about a year ago, a coworker went home and posted a suicide note on social media one night after work. I didn’t know if it was serious or not, but I kept thinking, “what if I get here in the morning and he’s dead?” I had another manager meet me in the store at 2am to get his address and called local police for a welfare check. When they arrived, he was conscious, but had, in fact ingested a potentially lethal amount of pills. When he returned to work a few weeks later, he asked if I had been the one who called, and then broke down in sobs and thanked me for saving his life. It’s not the same as being nosy, or butting in because you don’t approve of someone’s lifestyle, when it is quite literally a matter of life or death. If you would deem what I did obnoxious, I am more than willing to live with your judgement; I’d rather try to help and be considered obnoxious than find out someone was DEAD because I didn’t have the guts to make a phone call. I find it utterly infuriating that our society’s attitude is not about helping those who are sick before it’s too late, but to criticize and shame the people who do try to help, and, then, to pass equally cruel judgement on the person when they finally do end up in the hospital or morgue. Live and let live, as someone above said, is really live and starve to death, in a case like this. How about live and try to help live, for a change?

          • She is a danger to herself so actually, in CA it’s possible that they could commit her for at least 72 hours on an involuntary hold.
            But frankly, people at her stage of the disease have a very low rate of recovery and she’s more than likely done permanent damage to herself.
            I think the most that can be done is to be kind to her and watch her die. Poor thing.

            • And what would that accomplish besides terrorizing her family because so many trolls have access to her story?

            • She is going to try to make all these little children become like her. Emaciated and fragile, just because she thinks it’s ‘Normal’. She needs to be banned. She is a danger to society. Dumb anorexic bitch.

              • She’s not anorexic, bitch. She’s like me. I can’t gain weight well. It took me a whole year to gain 4lbs. I’ve been like this since birth. Teach yourself before you insult someone. She’s not incubating anything, she’s saying it’s normal for HER, dumbass.

        • What are your qualifications, “ISTHATBROADDUMB” (answer: yes, you are)? I can tell you, easily, that you’re not qualified to diagnose Eugenia remotely. No-one is. “You obviously” don’t know jack shit of what you’re spouting about.

  3. She is sorta cuts but she does need to find help or will soon die and people don’t want that right. I’m only 12 year old dude that thinks who says she is fine she is not her organs will soon Gail like I said before so she needs help NOW

  4. Theres just so many people that hide their vile personalities behind some sham of “concern” for this girl. Imagine this is your own daughter. So happy to see she has love at home. Tough kid to take the kind of beating from all these people standing on their moral high ground. People are disgusting to her. Shes a fkn human. If you seriously cared about her you wouldnt think to say the things said to another person.

  5. There is a disorder in which a persons body does not store fat. It is different than anorexia. I dont see how one can say that she is inspiring people to be anorexic then say obese people dont inspie others to be obese.

  6. I have an eating disorder and it’s not losing weight, I’m trying to gain it. I eat a lot but I can’t can’t weight. Well, not naturally easy. It took me a whole year to gain 4 pounds and I’m still trying to gain more. I’m 84 pounds and I don’t think she’s trying to say it’s okay, she’s saying that she’s fine with her being the way she is, since she can’t help it, like I can’t. I hate how people see ribs and automatically think ‘anorexic’. I still have ribs showing but I’m not starving myself. I’ve always been underweight.