‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Season 2 Cast
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‘Growing Up Hip Hop’ Season 2 Cast


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This is the most boring part of the show. And who is this chick? Abuse is wrong on all levels, I just have a problem believing that all of a sudden for tv there is a problem. Plus she is not attractive and on tv there is a fight for her. Uhhhh. Not believing.

Loretta G

Can someone please tell me why we would care about someone’s step child? Like aren’t they getting divorced? And what, her whole story line is about her getting beat up and being troubled? Plus she looks like a man. Who is Briana Latrice and why is she important? Please tell me. BORING. Let’s replace her with someone relevant


Can someone please tell me who are you? Her story line is well needed there are plenty of young girls that needs to see they are not alone. Try to get a life. So so sad wonder what you look like.


i bet this is briana isn’t it ? wouldn’t you like to know what i look like. better than you. and what story is needed ? the fact that briana i crazy and abusive but tries to play the victim but when it comes time to do something , she folds. ya! We need to see more black women being beat up and just taking it on NATIONAL TV?! i think not. think about what you’re saying and who exact are you defending… at 3:06 am briana ? :)

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