Reggie Youngblood – Tami Roman’s Boyfriend: ‘Basketball Wives LA’

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  1. Sometimes we forget that God has the plan for are life and we as believers seek God for that plan by reading his word and following his commands for life journey. Be thankful for what God have giving you already and because sometimes we want things but God might not that why we can prayer until God answers he will but in his time not are time . I have had many illness’s that God have heal . Exam your life style because show us things that we may not won’t to believe

  2. I love you Tammy I can understand your pain i suffered a miscarriage in 2010 it shook me to my core .I feel like I know you were so alike in so many ways ..please keep your faith my prayers to you and your family… God bless

  3. She acts such a fool, that may have a lot 2 do with why she’s not being blessed with something as precious as a baby. Reggie needs 2 reexamine his situation with that girl! I’m sure he could do a whole lot better!

  4. Tami you need to act like a mother and then maybe god will bless you with another child. You are 47 years old and at that age with your diabetes and blood pressure issues , pregnancy is difficult enough.. add to that your ignorant ghetto behavior and it’s virtually impossible. Act like a woman, not some ghetto child.

  5. Tammy hopefully you will get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water, and stay EXTRA calm. Don’t get excited about anything. Use these tips during your pregnancy. Also, seek the Lord for his healing and anointing. God Bless! In Jesus name…

  6. Tami, Tammy, tam. Whatever, should first grow up. She is still very “childish” (you too, Shaunie). Why, don’t the two of you go away. Get off the television. The show was fine, until you two showed your ugly bully faces. Malasia, you look a hot mess this season. Stop being messy, behind Duffie’s back. I am team Duffie. I can’t stand Tammy, Tam, Tami! She is a damn fool. An old fool. She is always trying to control someone (other than herself). Go away, no one likes you! You are miserable. You want everyone around you miserable. Your daughter can NOT RAP! She looks like a dude! You even stated, that she was screaming (instead of rapping) yourself. Duffie, isn’t afraid of you, That’s the reason that I like her. You think that you are a BAD BITCH! You are an ignorant, girl. You need to go home, close the door behind you and find your old crazy self (therapy girl). You need clinical therapy (you too, Shaunie).