Who Was Eliminated on ‘X Factor UK’ Tonight?

Relley C was voted off tonight.

The final three came down to 4 of Diamonds, Relley, and Ryan Lawrie. Relley C nailed her rendition of I Can’t Make You Love Me, while 4 of Diamodns sang a Fifth Harmony Song.

Through the app vote, Ryan Lawrie was saved. Emily Middlemas must be happy!

Another exciting detail of the night? Someone swore on live TV! At first, people were thinking it was Sam Lavery (who’s only 17!) but it ended up being Gifty Louise, who was telling Sam: “I f**cking told you!” after she made ie through.

This was the third week of live shows, and the finalists sang to the theme of Divas and Legends. Judge Nicole Scherzinger sang her own diva medley, and Honey G received a standing ovation from the judges for her performance of “Under Pressure”. Unlike last week, 5 After Midnight received underwhelming responses from the judges, as did young Lawrie.

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