‘Surviving Compton: Dre, Suge & Michel’le’: Meet the Cast of Lifetime’s New Movie


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Wow! This movie was way better than other Lifetime movies. Great acting. Michel’le story appears to be a true account of what happened to her. I feel so bad that she had to go through pure Hell with that monster.


Oh, heck yeah! This movie was captivating and the acting from everyone involved was on point. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Dr. Dre is a very BAD man and I hope he gets what he put out, magnified by 10 in this lifetime. Punk bitch is right.


Dang who knew Michel’le was making such great music while going through that much hell!


That was a good album! I hated she had to go through so much abuse!


I’m so sorry, Keosha. Please, whatever you can do to remove yourself from the situation, do it before it’s too late.


I thought the exact same thing. Although the abuse is over, I totally feel for what she went through.

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