‘The Bachelor’ 2017 Contestants: Meet Nick Viall’s Girls

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  1. I will be watching regardless they always need a chance to find love no matter what we all do deserve someone in life so I think and I hope and pray that he does find someone

    • Yes, I hope and pray Nick will find someone also, so I can think to myself “IT’S ABOUT TIME”!!! And so he can stop appearing on the Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise. There’s a reason he got majorly dumped so many times, don’t ya’ think?? He’s so into himself and for no good reason. He’s really not that hot at all. What’s the fuss about? And, if enough people (hundreds or thousands) don’t watch, YES, Danna, the ratings WILL GO DOWN and maybe ABC will think twice about their choices.

      • “there’s a reason he got dumped so many times”. Omg lol. I’m indifferent about him for the most part but that’s among the most ridiculous arguments to put forward. First off, 2 times isn’t “so many times”. Second, even if you consider 2 to be “so many” tell that statement to the millions and millions of people who’ve had x number of exes/ gfs/ bfs relationships before finding their true partner: sometimes they dump the person other times they’re the one who get dumped. Third, I only wish this much hate was generated towards Womack who couldn’t find a partner after courting 55 women. That’s true embarrassment. People said they wouldn’t watch his second season but they still did and the ratings were decent. As they will probably be for this season.
        Also, like it or not, he is physically attractive/ his looks do attract a large audience. Or else he wouldn’t have found even moderate success in the modelling industry nor would he be cast in the bachelorette to begin with IE: ever seen any unattractive people on the bachelor/ bachelorette?

  2. For all you Bachelor/ Bachelorette fans out there- Jbird and Dennys have started a Bachelor Podcast With Special Guest: Ryan Beckett (#TheBachelorette Season 11) Featuring Nick B (#TheBachelorette Season 12)