‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ 2016 New Cast

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  1. This new version was horrible. They made all the songs sound like a teen musical, made all actors too pretty, just a sad try.

  2. Bad Bad Bad, they did not even do the original any justice. I was surprised to see that Tim Curry was in it and played the Criminologist Narrator . Riff Raff was a huge disappointment as well as their idea of casting of Laverne Cox as Dr Frank N Furter. I will take Tim Curry anyday over this fiasco. He is what made the character come to life. One thing I did agree on was that they did make Eddie close to the original but the death scene and the meal were way way off including the end where Rocky gets killed. Sorry Fox, you really know how to screw of Epic Classic up.

  3. Who played the part of the narrator’s assistant? She’s the one who was turning the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Laverne Cox was fabulous!!

  4. Absolute stinker of a production and I’m surprised Tim Curry put his name to it. It’s a cruise ship production of a classic piece of film/theatre – even leaving out the famous Frank n Furter wink during sweet transvestitie. If you’ve seen and loved the original show you’ll hate this and surely Richard O’Brien can’t think this production pays homage to his genius? Never been so disappointed by a remake.

  5. This movie was absolutely horrendous. I haven’t even ever seen the original and I still think that it was horrible. Confusing and almost too original, this is a movie that anyone, having seen the original or not, should skip over.

  6. The new Rocky Horror Picture show is a masterpiece of theatre arts. People who hate it are living in the past and completely miss the point of this brilliant new production. 20 years from now, when the original audience is gone, this will be the only version watched. The original will be of interest only to film historians.

    • THIS WON’T CONVINCE ANY DIEHARD FANS, BUT i WANT IT ON THE RECORD ANYHOW. I wish to discuss some reasons for the cold reception accorded the recent remake of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. The original script and music is top notch. So good, it would be hard for a high school production to fail. But from any objective evaluation, the quality of the new version is orders of magnitude above the old in casting, directing, production, make-up, costumes, musical arrangements etc. I’ll attempt a detailed comparison later, but there are other, more basic factors that tend to influence our judgment.
      The original movie was released in 1975 but had appeared on the London Stage in 1973 and was probably written in the early 70’s. This was a time when many LBGT people were still in closets. Politicians and clergymen railed from congress and pulpits against the visible ones accusing them of unnatural acts and mutant perversions. The purpose of the original show was to reply to these attacks and fling defiance in the face of the enemy by grossly exaggerating the very horrors the accusers listed. The tone of this production is fury, malice, defiance. This is evident in the cruelty in Tim Curry ‘s voice when he snarls, “So your car got a flat. Well how about that?” The same line by Laverne Cox is delivered with a touch of humor, especially since it’s evident that she arranged the “accident” herself. Dr. Frank ’n Furter’s malice is even more obvious when he uses an ice axe to chop Eddie into bloody shreds. Laverne merely stabs him.
      So why is the remake so much gentler and lighter than the original? Obviously because its creators are not fighting the same battle. The LGBT have all been accepted and integrated into society. They’ve won. There’s no more rationale for exaggerating perversion and horror. The new company is free to remake Rocky Horror as the dazzling musical comedy it is; one in which Frank ‘n Furter is no more frightening than the Devil in Damn Yankees.
      Tim Curry is a fine actor and, when suitably made up, he delivers a fine, flaunting, in-your-face depiction of a gay lecher. On the other hand, Laverne Cox was born for this role. Her singing, dancing and acting skills are so close to perfection that auditions were closed after she tried out. Her voice is amazing , ranging from high falsetto to basso profundo at will. Her face is infinitely mobile. I’m thinking of her dangerous ghost of a smile as Eddie defies her. You simply can’t take your eyes off her.
      Victoria Justice as Janet probably isn’t as good as Susan Sarandon, but she’s certainly good enough in an undemanding role.
      Meat Loaf jazzes it up with his sax, but Adam Lambert and the crew simply set the place on fire.
      Columbia and Magenta are wonderful in both but have more scope for their talents in the remake.
      Anyone who prefers J. Adams to Ben Vareen as Dr. Scott is beyond help.
      Tim Curry is brilliant as the narrator.
      As Rocky, Staz Nair is less believable as a monster than Peter Hinwood, but far more likable and entertaining, which is in keeping with the new concept.
      Reeve Carney couldn’t possibly be a better Riff Raff than Richard O’Brien, but he’s better in the new interpretation because he’s less ghastly and, again, more entertaining. I love his brief solo in the tower with candelabra.
      In the original, the “Science Fiction, Double Feature” song was mere background to the opening credits. In the remake, it’s a delightful entr’acte with the talented Ivy Levan in charge as the usherette. The remake even supplies a cult audience with rice, newspapers, party hats etc. And when Janet regrets that they should never have gone out in the storm, the audience taunts: “But you did.”

  7. i never saw the original, but I got the 1975 soundtrack. It wasn’t very good. Reeve and his girlfriend, Victoria are fantastic! The movie score is better than the 2016 soundtrack, CD release. Victoria Cox is a marginal singer, dancer and actress. As an ex music producer, songwriter and vocal coach, I am pretty tuned in to sound-mix reality. The writing is very creative. But the main screenplay writers must have gone home after the Toucha, Toucha, Touch me scene. Between the last scenes and Cox’s poor vocals, this movie lost 3 or 4 of its 5 Star potential. I never saw the original movie, but the 1975 CD soundtrack wasn’t very good. Tim Curry cracked me up in his narrative. The guy was a big plus to the movie. The dancing choreography was just excellent. But again…the movie died a slow horrible death just past 58 minutes. But up until then (except for Cox)…wow!!!