‘The Rocky Horror Picture Show’ 2016 New Cast

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  1. This new version was horrible. They made all the songs sound like a teen musical, made all actors too pretty, just a sad try.

  2. Bad Bad Bad, they did not even do the original any justice. I was surprised to see that Tim Curry was in it and played the Criminologist Narrator . Riff Raff was a huge disappointment as well as their idea of casting of Laverne Cox as Dr Frank N Furter. I will take Tim Curry anyday over this fiasco. He is what made the character come to life. One thing I did agree on was that they did make Eddie close to the original but the death scene and the meal were way way off including the end where Rocky gets killed. Sorry Fox, you really know how to screw of Epic Classic up.

  3. Who played the part of the narrator’s assistant? She’s the one who was turning the pages. I thoroughly enjoyed this show. Laverne Cox was fabulous!!

  4. Absolute stinker of a production and I’m surprised Tim Curry put his name to it. It’s a cruise ship production of a classic piece of film/theatre – even leaving out the famous Frank n Furter wink during sweet transvestitie. If you’ve seen and loved the original show you’ll hate this and surely Richard O’Brien can’t think this production pays homage to his genius? Never been so disappointed by a remake.

  5. This movie was absolutely horrendous. I haven’t even ever seen the original and I still think that it was horrible. Confusing and almost too original, this is a movie that anyone, having seen the original or not, should skip over.