‘The Walking Dead’ Death: Top Reactions to Negan’s Kill [SPOILERS]

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan - The Walking Dead _ Season 6, Episode 16 - Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

Negan made his choice, and now fans are reacting. (Gene Page/AMC)

Negan’s choice has been revealed in the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead and it was absolutely horrifying. Some fans are turning to recaps of the show before watching the premiere, so they can know if they can even bear to watch the horrifying scene. Others are turning to the Internet for solace and comfort. Their reactions are all mixtures of shock and confusion and grief.

This post has MAJOR spoilers for the Season 7 premiere of The Walking Dead

Here are fans’ top reactions to Negan’s terrible choice — a choice that will haunt us for a long, long time.

Abraham is gone.

But then Daryl tried to fight back.

And now Glenn is gone too.

Here are the top reactions so far from fans to that horrifying, gut-wrenching scene.

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  1. That had me in tears negan was mean I’m glad Rick is a brave guy I love your show and Carl was brave my friend favorite character was rick I love your show

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  3. AMC Walking Dead SCREWED UP ROYALLY…. there is the comic version and the live show version, why they decided to kill off Glenn to match the comics (when they could have used alternative routes – hell “Carol” is still alive – in comics she is dead and now Glenn) I understand they renewed for Season 8, but I wish in a way they will learn from their mistake with the slow drop in enthusiasm and finally just end the live show. Sorry, but the AMC writers could have done better, but that Glenn death was unecessary, they only did that to fulfill the “hardcore fans” expectation to follow the comic, completely disregarding the live action show where the alternative slight changes would have made for a better end game. AMC Walking Dead Fckked Up ROYALLY. Sorry.

    • There’s rarely a show that comes along and goes full hardcore, and follows a storyline that thousands have already celebrated for it’s unflinching and uncompromising quality.

      It’s sad you can’t appreciate that, but whatever.

      Suggest you find a show of equal quality that you can enjoy, If you find something, that would be worth posting.