Celebrity Twitter Reactions to Donald Trump’s Victory You Need to See

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Celebrities turned out in force, just as Americans turned out to vote, to react to election results on Twitter on November 8. They shared jokes, photos and memes about the election and complained when things didn’t go the way they wanted.

Here’s a look at some of the best tweets from celebrities who are watching the election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. As the tide began turning against Clinton, many celebrities expressed their disappointment with how things turned out. And by the end of the night, they were not happy to see Donald Trump come out as the winner.

Actor Keahu Kahuanui complained about Florida’s too-close-to-call status.

Before poll times began to end, Elizabeth Banks begged people to stay in line if they were still waiting to vote.

Patton Oswalt called out Rudy Giuliani. It looks like he’s watching Fox News.

Comedian Morgan Murphy:

Chrissy Teigen was really disappointed that Trump won any state:

Mayim Bialik added:

Mia Farrow says she has an Irish passport.

Some are complaining about the role of third-party candidates in the race.

Some have been looking at the stock markets:


Neil deGrasse Tyson tried to be positive about the future.

Another note from Patton Oswalt:

Emmy Rossum adds:

Stephen Colbert’s team has started to live-tweet during his live Showtime special.

Mark Duplass also tried to spread some optimism.

Kristen Bell:

Jon Cryer:

Here’s one of the more popular tweets from the night.

Zachary Levi, as the last results come in:

Chris Evans, Captain America himself, was incredibly disappointed.

Alec Baldwin went on a Twitter rant:

Roseanne Barr added on Wednesday:

Laverne Cox, who appears on Orange is the New Black, responded to other transgender people who expressed concern for their safety.


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Angela C.

Looking forward to all of you “out of touch with the average working American” , arrogant liberal celebs moving to Canada!! Draining the swamp!!


Hell yeah get your a$$e$ out of our country since you never fought for it in the first place. Don’t let the door smack you on the way out!

Diva Girl

If you don’t like it, move, nobody is stopping you. Matter of fact, I encourage it! Move to a third world country if you think the USA is so bad right now.


This election could have been historical with the first female American president. No wait. The outcome is historical…The first election won by a mentally disabled person that just grabs women by the pussy is historical. Haha. Greetings from europe ;)


Better to have a pussy grabber than a pussy who ignores real danger at the expense of human lives, then lies about it.


Yet Trump profited off of the expense of human lives… so how is he better exactly? You Americans will follow any conman with a promise. I hope he make sure America smart again.


Both of them are deplorable people. Hillary lied. Trump lied. They are both monsters. Let’s get that straight. The American people just have a history of following populist “strongmen” who promise to save them from some invisible boogeyman oppressing them. Whether it’s minorities, foreigners, or whatever. We fell for the same nationalist approach with Mao, but we eventually got over that. It’s always been funny to me that the land of the free has always been home to the (mentally) weakest people on earth. And to those of you calling these people “out of touch”, I’m sure your new billionaire president is so in touch with average working people. Surely he has no ulterior motives in mind. I’m sure he’s going to keep to his promises and help each and every one of you braindead sheep become billionaires too. And “take your country back”.

Greetings from shanghai. You idiots. Try not to sell us out to Russia.

Morgan Holt

Goodness gracious. Get a grip. It’s ok. Your side lost. The deplorables, such as myself, are not coming to your house to wreak havoc. Ease up, snowflakes.

Clint Eastwood

These celebrities must not be very good. I’ve never heard of them. Who are they and in what tv shows are they involved? And biggest question…why is their opinion any more important than just regular folks?

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