How Many Episodes of ‘Westworld’ Are Left?
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How Many Episodes of ‘Westworld’ Are Left?



Although we’ll likely see a season 2 of Westworld, fans are already worrying about how much longer they have to enjoy this phenomenal show. The series has quickly been gaining momentum and viewers, as it introduces layer upon layer and leaves fans wanting to know more. But how many episodes are left?

Here’s what you need to know.

Unfortunately, we’re nearing the end of Westworld‘s first season. Season 1 was only scheduled to be 10 episodes long, and episode 7 is airing tonight. This means that counting tonight, only four episodes are left in this groundbreaking series.

The schedule for the rest of Westworld is as follows:

  • Episode 7 – November 13 – Trompe L’Oiel 
  • Episode 8 – November 20 – Trace Decay
  • Episode 9 – November 27 – The Well-Tempered Clavier
  • Episode 10 finale – December 4 – The Bicameral Mind
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