‘Catching Kelce’ Finale Winner: Who Won Travis’ Heart Tonight?

On the finale of Catching Kelce, there were four women left on the show – Veronica Harwood, Lauren Schwab, Avery Schlereth and Maya Benberry. But, there could only be one girl in Travis Kelce’s life. The girl who ended up with Kelce was … Maya Benberry.

After Veronica had a sleep-over date with star Travis Kelce, it was all that some girls could think about, specifically Avery.

One big factor in Kelce’s decision-making was knowing that his family was fond of his girlfriend, but there were mixed feelings about who was the best fit for Kelce. Even so, Kelce had to eliminate one of the four remaining girls a half hour into the finale. When asking the girls about their ideas of a future with him, Kelce got very similar answers about strength, commitment and connection. Veronica was the first contestant revealed as safe from elimination, followed by Maya. This meant that Lauren and Avery were on the chopping block. Kelce told contestant Lauren that they had a spark from the beginning, but he lately felt they were playing catch up. As for Avery, he wanted to know what she was feeling and she said she was very happy that she came on this show and met him. Kelce then told the cameras, after hearing Avery’s words, “This changes everything.” This meant that Lauren was sent home.

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The three remaining cast members jumped on a jet, headed to Kansas City, the next day after elimination. The girls get an inside look at what life would be like if they got into a serious one-on-one relationship with Kelce as he took them each on a solo date. Avery gets the first date and Maya voices to the cameras that Avery is not as emotionally invested as she and Veronica are … and the girls certainly aren’t happy to see Avery return from her date in the morning … wearing Kelce’s shirt. Even though Avery puts her guard up a bit on their date, the two share a great amount of chemistry and end up making out in a water fountain.

The second date went to Veronica and the date began in the day time with a tour of the town. The date made Kelce feel like he was with “his girl.” After a tour, the two of them hit up a local bar to try some drinks. Kelce tells the cameras that he knows Veronica is there for him, which he said made him look at the other two girls differently. On their date, Veronica ends up telling Kelce that she has doubts about Avery’s true intentions on the show.

After his date with Veronica, Kelce decides he needs to talk to Avery. After their chat, he decides to let her go, saying that he doesn’t see she has the same deep feelings that the other girls have for him.

Maya got the final date and the chemistry between the two of them was undeniable as Maya told the cameras that she was going to make the night one to remember. But, when Maya rolls in the next morning, she denies having sex with Kelce.

When going over his two remaining girls, Kelce realizes that Maya has a lot of the same qualities as one of his ex-girlfriends. At the same time, he feels that she is his type. As for Veronica, Kelce feels a great connection and says he can see marrying her one day. Kelce says he sees a future with both girls.

But, in the end, only one girl could be chosen.

Kelce told Maya that he’d been attracted to overly confident girls like her his entire life and that sometimes her confidence comes off as arrogance. It appeared that Kelce had chosen Veronica until he said he had to follow his heart and he picked Maya as the winner.

To the cameras, Veronica gives Kelce two middle fingers and tells him that Maya will just end up screwing him over in the long-run.

‘Catching Kelce’ Finale: Final 4 Cast Members

Tonight is the finale of Catching Kelce and there are four contestants left in the cast. Get the details on Avery, Lauren, Maya, and Veronica. Who will win?

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  1. Ridiculous! Both girls and the audience knew Veronica was IT for him. The girls’ last brunch convo even made it clear that Maya saw the spark in Ronnie’s eye…she was the clear choice!

    • Maya was the right choice because she’s smart enough to use him instead of letting him use her. At the end when she was laughing with him, she was really thinking “This idiot is so gullible, I can’t wait to see how much money and fame I can get off of him before he actually watches the series and sees that I’m was never in it for him…”

      She’s a smart girl.

  2. That was a total shock! Wtf is Travis thinking? Maya is CLEARLY a self centered, arrogant, gold digger! She showed her true colors throughout her interviews! And saying cheers to riding private jets and going on yachts and not saying cheers to being with Travis?? Hello?! Clear warning sign! She will stick it out with him long enough to gain some notoriety and I promise you she will end up screwing him over and dating some other gullible professional athlete! She was in it for his lifestyle NOT for him! Ugh, yuck, barf, Travis your an IDIOT!

  3. Throughout the show Leave wanted the girls to open their hearts, but he wasn’t willing to do the same. Avery seemed to have sensed that and was smart not to jump in like he was pushing her to do. He clearly said that Veronica was the type he could marry and spend his life with; that it was clear she had deep feelings for him.. The fact the he chose Maya just showed what a child he still is and that he is not, in any way, ready for a committed, loving relationship. He ran from it. What was worse is that he purposely hurt Ronnie, the girl that he knew was in this 100% for him and whose “chemistry was through the roof” with. For Maya it was a competition–his friends even told him that Maya was like his ex-girlfriends who obviously didn’t work out. He set Veronica up without blinking an eye. His words–“I don’t want that anymore…and Veronica is that change”– clearly made her think that he felt the same for her that she did for him. I can’t imagine the pain of not only losing him after he convinced her that showing her heart was what he was looking for, but then he tried to make her look like a fool. Veronica, you are so much better than him, and you will find the guy who will see how much you have to offer. You were lucky to have gotten out; he is not the man he was pretending to be. Unfortunately he won’t even care when things go south with Maya because he’s self-centered. Maya is pretty & smart, but in no way is falling for him. She’ll use him and dump him because she is smart enough to know not to give her heart to someone who can’t appreciate it. I can’t blame her for him being an ass. In fact she probably saved Ronnie from real heartache. Just goes to prove that most (not all) of these sports players are really all brawn and no brains.

    • Thank you! You nailed it, HE is the one that refused to open up.. Your right, I don’t think that HE is ready or even wanting a serious, long term relationship.. If he was he would have picked the Veronica, the one he could see “himself marrying” he is young and very immature and seems now just doing the show for publicity or something. He did the opposite of what he said he was going to do/wanting to do the entire show! And if he ever felt anything for Veronica he would never had messed with her emotions making it seem like she won and then… Nope, jokes on you! What a total DICK! I will never look at him the same again!

      • You’re right, he screwed up totally. I won’t be cheering him or his team on anymore. Dick is too good a word to describe him as even that has some use!

  4. Travis showed that he wasn’t in this for a serious partner thru the series, and he more than proved it at the end. All of the girls, including Maya who knew better than to give her heart, lucked out by him asking them to leave. They all deserve better, and better will be easy when the bar is set so low.

    What he did at the end showed what a jackass he truly is. You go, Maya! Take what you can, then move on when there’s nothing left that you want.

  5. Omgoodness Travis!!! Seriously!! She is definitely the wrong girl for you. She wasn’t in it 100% like Veronica. Miaya is going to use you that’s it! If you re watched the shows you will see she’s nothing but drama n only she’s going to use you. Why didn’t you listen to your manager she’s just like your ex. Nothing out of her mouth was true n came from her heart. She mocked everyone girl there. She took what they said twisted it n acted it was from her. Not one time did she ever say she cared or falling in love with you. I was really voting on Veronica!

  6. These comments are hilarious. I can’t believe that you guys are really that mad! None of you know Maya personally but swear that she’s this and that. If you follow her on social media you would know that she’s a really sweet person. Every girl on that show did things but you guys only see wrong in Maya. Why?? At the end of the day you guys opinions don’t matter, he chose who was right for him! Now get over it!

    • Ummm.. When you watch a show for weeks at a time you get invested. That’s why they make these types of shows. And I’m sure Maya acts real nice and sweet on her social media accounts. She’s as thirsty as her dry, fried ass hair and wants followers and fans and possibly gigs etc. You can only judge someone by what they SHOW you not how they try to pretend to be behind their computer.. And as many people saw with their own eyes she is a lying, conniving, conceited, arrogant, manipulative, GOLD DIGGER! All you have to do is listen to her interviews, she tells you all you need to know. But like some have said he deserves a girl like her if he is truely that stupid to fall for that crap.. In ten years when he actually grows up and starts acting and treating women like a real man maybe just maybe he’ll be ready for a real woman because honey Maya is not it! She’s only looking out for herself and her future and she saw him as a come up and nothing more!

      • It is people like YOU that keep racism alive this day and age.. Our opinions of Maya are based strictly on her character NOT her race. If she was white or Mexican or Asian she’d still be an ARROGANT, SELF CENTERED GOLD DIGGER! So don’t even go there, it is seriously people like YOU that keep that bullshit going! From what she showed the viewers she’s a shitty person, PERIOD!

        • Your a fu*€king idiot Toyin! Everyone’s opinions have nothing to do with race but Maya’s character.. It’s kind of ironic that people like you who cry racism just because someone has a difference of opinion are the actual racist.. You are continuing the pattern, not us.. Get over it, nobody cares she’s black.. She’s an arrogant, self centered, gold digger no matter what race she is!

  7. What a perfect waste of time … that relationship should be ending soon. Maya the manipulator. She even had Veronica do her bidding to nix Avery. I liked Avery. She was the smart one. Maya is a self centered, me me me person from what I see. Too bad for you Kelce …

    • Awesome

      Congrats to Maya !! – I do see the love she has for Travis.Great “touch-down” Travis! I wish you both good luck with your realationship😘

  8. My fiance and I have been watching this show for weeks and were so disappointed last night in Travis and really felt that he didn’t take the show seriously AT ALL. Maya continued to be vicious, jealous, and munipulative throughout the show. I do think Travis needs a strong woman. But you can still be a strong and assertive goal driven person without being a munipulative, overly aggressive just plain bitchy women. I could never be friends with a girl like that she would back stab you any chance she got, use you and not feel bad about it one bit. Travis seemed very smart and funny during the show but his choice really makes you question his motives and the type of person he truly is. And the way he dumped Veronica at the end was so discussing I threw the remote ;) oh and him telling Maya he wanted her against his better judgement was priceless. Crazy show wish I wouldn’t have watched it!

    • But did she back stab Lexi tho… everyone was against her yet she still stood strong.. her being so bitchy was after the show during the confessions when she thinks about girls with travis her bae… and to be honest noone cares about your opinion… so

  9. Wow…I was, to b honest, SHOCKED AA HELL!!!! What the f@#& are u thinking, Travis?!?! The 1st pic I found of of your girlfriend shows her lookin like a TOTAL STRIPPER!!!!! My opinion of you has turned 360°~You’re very Disappointing : ^ (

  10. Since everyone is so disappointed and keeps writing negative things that the Gorgeous Maya won. I’m so happy shes the winner. she knew it was a competition and she did what she had to do to spend time with the man she wanted.

  11. What the hell were you thinking! Avery was the girl for you. She put up her guard stupid cause she didn’t want hurt by you and she would never hurt you. That girl was down, but you chose not to pick her cause she had too good of morals and wouldn’t hoe out like the others. You screwed up. You keep going for the same type of broads, and wonder why you are still single. Quit going after them bimbos that want fame, and money. You was an accomplishment to Mya. You are the trophy man for her and nothing more. So disappointed in this pick. Dump her fast and call Avery back and get yourself a real woman.

      • Make sure shez on BC..bcuz that wl definitely b HER TICKET..i hate 2 judge but ITIZ WUT ITIZ..i think she wl b 1 KRAAZZEE BABY MOMA!!! 😺

    • I completely agree with this–I was rooting for Avery from the very beginning. She was drop-dead gorgeous, classy, and didn’t badmouth the other woman. I loved how understated and slightly detached she was. She wasn’t just going to profess her love for Travis until she got to know him. Smart girl! She was my favorite by far.

  12. Personally, I am not fond of men who wear red pants.(LOL)
    Kelsey, strikes me as a buffoon who believes his own press and a bit swarmy.
    Maya, is not over confident, she is delusional, cunning manipulative and I venture to believe a opportunist golddigger.
    That being said;
    This Love Match will either implode after 9 months or if Kelsey is as vacuous and superficial as he appears? I’m betting that “Monster Maya” will be pushing hard to get engaged, fast. Kelsey does not strike me as a guy that would Marry Maya, especially if she gives him ultimatums.
    As far as I am concerned, Veronica lucked out..
    She deserves a lot better than this clown.
    Please, give her a Spin of show!
    Enough of this nonsensical junk tv..
    I actually feel ripped off by wasting my time for how many annoying episodes..

    • THANK YOU! You are 100% correct in your opinion of Maya! I couldn’t agree more.. I’ll never look at Travis Kelcie the same again and honestly just think he’s a total douchebag now! No real, respectable man behaves like that and puts false hope in Veronica at the end?! Total dick move! What a loser, have fun with your leech! She’s going to suck as much as she can from him and then she’s going to bounce and on to the next sucker.

    • It was just another realty show. Maya, you go girl for winning. That’s what it was all about. Go have fun and enjoy the next chapter in your life. Maybe you and Kelce will make it or maybe you two won’t. What ever is ment to be will be. Life is short enjoy!!!

      • I think everyone is just hating on Maya cause she is a woman of colour. Get over yourselves haters and deal with the result. This was a competition and the Man of the moment made his choice. Stop with the insults as you do not even know these people. Respect the mans decision…….

  13. Travis, Travis Travis, when will you learn, your doomed to make the same mistakes over and over again when u keep choosing the same kind of woman and Maya will be the same, watch the show and see that Maya talks about the lifestyle and how she deserves it, she and Veronica would throw anyone under the Bus and that should have made you see them for what they were, you might think Maya was in it for you but she’s in it for the Fame and Money that being with you brings. I’ve always been an Avery fan because she knows it takes more than a few dates and make out sessions to be in love, in lust yeah, but not love , but you lost a good woman when you let Avery go, just because she didn’t fall all over you didn’t mean she didn’t have strong feelings for you, no one can find lasting love on a show like this but given time with Avery’s values and love of family and I believe when she tells you she loves you that would be real as she knows it takes time to fall in love and know you found the right one and that far outweighed what you’ll find with Maya, she always just talked about jets and money and being famous by riding your coat tails, I would have expected you could see through the BS but I guess not. Now if Ronnie loved Travis so much I would have expected her to be sobbing when she was given her walking papers but she was just pissed off and gave him the double fingers and told his to F off, now that’s love LOL>